Few words from Tobba

Dear friends,

Now the time is running very very fast and we are getting so excited to welcome you here in Iceland.

The weather forecast for next week is not too bad, the temperature is rising above 0°C and you might be expecting some rain but we will see it better in the next few days how the weather will be treating us.

But I think it will be a good idea to bring wind- and rain proved clothing if possible.

We will be using the swimming pool that we have here at our school a lot so please bring swimsuit, you will also use it at the Blue Lagoon.

And since our country is known for being the country of ICE & FIRE our volcanos are reminding us now and then that they exist and have been shaking themselves a bit – so it will be interesting to follow the news about them, but don’t worry – we are not going to hike up a volcano J (http://en.vedur.is/earthquakes-and-volcanism/earthquakes).

I will add more information here in the next few days so stay tuned


Who hosts whom

Here is the list of who will host whom next week in Iceland.

Þórður - Noora

Gísli - Olli

Marianna - Aura

Stefan – Adele

Agusta - Iida

Sigursteinn - Roosa

Daniel – Venla & Emma

Óskar - Sofia

Tryggvi – Josefine & Hilla

Elvar - Veera

Official Program

Monday March 27th

15:25 Arrival at Keflavík airport - Bus will be waiting there to take you to GBF-Varmaland
18:30 Welcome to GBF-Varmaland by the principal. Soup for everyone.
20:00 Stutents go home to their families

Tuesday March 28th

08:30 Project working and participating in lessons
12:25 Lunch at school
13:00 Visit Borgarnes - nearest town to GBF Varmaland
- Settlement Centre http://www.landnam.is/english/
- Transportation Museum
15:00 Walk around Borgarnes
17:00 Meeting young people at Borganes - Group dinner
21:00 Return to families

Wednesday March 29th

08:30 Breakfast at school
09:00 Departure by bus
- Reykholt
- Hraunfossar/Barnafoss

- Víðgelmir http://www.thecave.is/
Remember to bring warm clothes, it is -3°C down in the cave

- Lunch pack
- Háafell Goat farm
- Deildartunguhver - Hot spring
15:00 Return to families

Thursday March 30th

08:30 Project working and participating in the lessons
13:00 Visit to Laugaland Greenhouses
16:00 Student make traditional meat soup all together
19:00 Party and sleepover at GBF-Varmaland

Friday March 31st

08:30 Breakfast at school
09:00 Departure by bus
- Þingvellir
- Geysir
- Gullfoss
- Reykjavík (shopping time)
17:00 Dinner in Reykjavík
19:00 Blue Lagoon
21:00 Farewell to Finish students and teachers in Keflavik

Saturday April 1st
Departure day


Borgarnes lies in the middle of West Iceland about 75 km from Reykjavík City Centre.
In Borgarnes you can create an unforgettable holiday: breakfast and a beautiful view at Geirabakarí, Relaxing in the Skallagrímsgarður public Park, Visiting the bird and photography exhibition at the Borgarfjörður Museum, watching the saga exhibits at the Settlement Centre. hiking in Einkunnir Country Park or climbing the Hafnarfjall mountain. Shopping in the local stores, take a dive at the Borgarnes Swimming Pool, eating delicious meal made from local products in the restaurants, and resting in one of the town's hotel, guesthouse, or B&Bs.

And don't forget to take a walk along the beach or stop at the playground Bjössaróló were children of all ages can play for hours.

Information: http://www.west.is/en/west-iceland-regions/borgarnes

The Settlement Centre

The Settlement Centre is located in the village of Borgarnes just one hours drive from Reykjavik on road no 1 towards the north.


In two exhibitons The Settlement Centre tells the Saga of The Settlement of Iceland and Iceland´s most famous viking and first poet Egill Skallagrimsson. It gives the traveler a good foundation for further knowledge when traveling in Iceland. Audio guides in 14 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Dutch and Icelandic. A complete circuit of each exhibition takes about 30 minutes.

Settlement Exhibition

This exhibition provides an insight into the settlement of Iceland. It tells how the land was discovered, how the Viking sailors conquered the open ocean and why they left their homelands in Norway. It tells of the first men to set foot on the island and how the land was settled up to the establishment of the first parliament in the world, the Althing, at Thingvellir in 930AD. Multi-media and theatrical techniques are employed to help the visitor experience first hand the trepidation and exitement of setting off over the open ocean for lands unknown.

Egil´s Saga Exhibition

This exhibition profiles one of the most colourful of all the saga heroes, Egil, the son of Skalla-Grím Kveldúlfsson. One of the very first settlers, Egil's father arrived from Norway just 10 years after the first land had been claimed. The Saga of this family's pioneering and settlement of the Borgarfjörd region provides a brilliant insight in the tumultuous years of settlement. Egil himself is a larger than life hero, an intriguing combination of violent Viking and sensitive poet. The saga is a complex and vibrant intertwining of battles and love affairs, sorcery and pagan lore.

Restaurant & Café

The restaurant & café offers a selection of soups & starters, vegetarian courses, fish and meat dishes, children's menu, deserts and cakes. Hot beverages, wines and beer.


The gift shop, Hladhond, offers selection of souvenirs, crafts and design.

Information: http://www.west.is/en/west/index/culture-amp-arts/museums/the-settlement-center


Hailed as the mightiest of Iceland's caves, its diversity and grandeur is unrivalled. This makes for an experience not to be forgotten. Just shy of 1600 meters / 5250ft, the cave features amazing colours and lava formations that lurk in the depths of the earth.

We offer a family friendly tour that all generations can enjoy, thanks to our all new signature walkway and feature lighting. For those who desire more physical activity we offer a half day tour to the caves end.

Caves are often dark, tight and uninviting places; how ever this is not the case in Víðgelmir lava cave. What used to be slow traveled rugged terrain is now easy and enjoyable. Leading from one great hall to the next our path is lit slightly flowing through this magical underworld.




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