We have 9 days to go and you are here. Families and our school are really looking froward to see you and host you. The program is almost ready and you can find it on Pedanet on its page "Welcome to Oulu". When you roll downwards this page you will find some basic information concerning your visit.

Here is a list who hosts whom. We have 12 students involved in the project. All of them want to be a host. Therefore there are two hosting pairs (Venla+Roosa and Sofia+Aura). We have planned that Stefan and Daniel will change the family in the middle of the week. The two pairs are together the whole week.

Veera - Tordur

Iida - Gisli

Hilla - Marianna

Adele - Elvar

Venla + Roosa - Stefan

Noora - Agusta

Josefiina - Sigursteinn

Sofia + Aura - Daniel

Olli - Oskar

Emma - Tryggvi

The weather conditions can be whatever in February. Usually it is the coldest month of the year. This week (week 5) has been warmer than average; it has been snowing and temperatures have varied between 0 and -5 degrees. Next week (week 6) has been forecasted to be clearly colder. Temperatures will be around -10, even -15 degrees. Right now we do not have the forecast for week 7. It can be anything from +5 to -25. This is not a very big deal except on Thursday when we are going to have a whole-day-trip to Pikku-Syöte. It is the small mountain for winter sports. If it is cold on that certain day, it will be even colder at Pikku-Syöte because it is situated inland and 300 metres above sea level and also it may be windy on the top of the hill. But please note that you can get extra clothing from the organizing company at Pikku-Syöte if you want. It is a kind of full body suit.

Welcome to Oulu! You will survive.




15.25 Arrival at the airport
16.15 Welcome by the principal and a snack made by students
17.00 Accommodation to the families


8.15 Project working and participating in the lessons
11.45 Lunch at school
12.30 Starting out to the city center by public bus
13.00 Visiting science center Tietomaa
15.00 Shopping in the city center
17.00 Returning to Metsokangas by public bus


7.45 Starting out to Rovaniemi and Kemi
11.15 Lunch, Hesburger (Rovaniemi)
12.15 Visiting Snowman World at the Santa Claus Village
14.00 Shopping at the Arctic circle
and time for eating sandwiched sponsored by the school
15.00 Starting out to Kemi Snowcastle
16.30 Visiting Kemin LumiLinna, the biggest Snowcastle in the world
17.45 Starting out to Oulu
19.00 Back in Oulu


8.00 Starting out to Pikku-Syöte
10.00 Downhill skiing, snowboarding or sledding/bumhilling
Lunch at restaurant, open from 11 to 3
16.00 Snack on the campfire: sandwich, sausages, pancake
17.00 Starting out to Oulu
19.00 Back in Oulu


8.15 Project working and participating in the lessons
10.30 Lunch at school
11.30 Starting out to Toppila by public bus
12.00 Vsiting indoor climbing center in Toppila
14.00 Dinner at the city center
14.30 Another possibility for shopping
16.00 Back to Metsokangas by public bus
18.00 Farewell party at school


10.00 Everyone has to be at the airport


Our schools´ name is Metsokangas Comprehensive School. The location of the school is nearby the city centre, only 10 minutes away. The school is new, it was built in 2006 when the whole suburb was really new. There is a preschool, an elementary school, an upper level and a kindergarten in here. Altogether there are over a thousand pupils in our school. There are three different buildings, the main school, and two smaller school buildings. They're called Pikkumetso and Korpimetso. The main school is known as Isometso. In our opinion, this school is very modern and nice!

Isometso and the technology room

The canteen, the artwork in the roof is made by Kirsti Muinonen. Most of the classrooms look like this, and every class has their own "color code", green, red, grey or yellow.


Basic information
Oulu is a quite big city in the northern Finland. Population of Oulu is 200 232. Oulu is the fifth most populous city in Finland.
Location of Oulu in Finland Kuvahaun tulos haulle oulun vaakuna
Location of Oulu coat of arms of Oulu

The centre of Oulu

The centre of Oulu is quite small comparing to its population. There is few places to see in the centre. One those places is Rotuaari. It is an area/street in downtown.

christmas lights in the Rotuaari The Rotuaari ball

One big investment in the center is called Kivisydän. It is A big underground car park. Above of Kivisydän is new shopping center Valkea. It has many possibilityes for shopping but it is also a place where the finnish youngsters hang out.
Kuvahaun tulos haulle kivisydän oulukivisydän
Kuvahaun tulos haulle valkea oulu
shopping center Valkea https://kauppakeskusvalkea.fi/

In the middle of market of Oulu stands statue named Toripolliisi. It was named by three market polices that once patrolled the market place.
Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

Adele ja Josefiina


The trip is planned to happen on Wednesday. At first we go by bus to Kemi, which has been voted as the most boring city in finland. But because of Kemin Lumilinna (the biggest snowcastle in the world) it has risen to an upper level. After Kemi we will go to Rovaniemi.
In Kemi we'll go to Kemin Lumilinna which is fully made of snow and ice. There is at least restaurant, hotel and church in there.
Kuvahaun tulos haulle kemin lumilinna
Kuvahaun tulos haulle kemin lumilinna
In Rovaniemi we'll visit in the Santaclaus village at the Arctic Circle. There we'll visit in Snowman world. In Snowman world we can for example go for sledding. We haven't been there either but it should be fun.
We can also meet Santa Claus and you can send letters to your family signed by Santa Claus.
In this trip we eat in some fast food restaurant.
Kuvahaun tulos haulle arctic circle in finland
Link to video of Snowman world:

Iida, Roosa and Venla


During the winter times we Finns like to go downhill skiing. Since downhill skiing is a big part of the Finnish culture, we thought to take you for a trip to Pikku-Syöte.
Pikku-Syöte is a sports centre, mostly known of downhill skiing and year-round activity camps. Pikku-Syöte is 386 meters high and the longest slope is 1100 meters. During the winters there are 9 different slopes to choose from and there are fantastic routes for cross-country skiing amidst the arctic hills. Pikku-Syöte is located in Finlands most southern fells in Pudasjärvi. Besides downhill skiing and snowboarding, there's a possibility, for example, to go sledding, snowshoeing or visit a husky farm.
If you don't own any equipment or warm clothes, you can lend them from the centre.

Pikku-Syöte is 153 kilometers away from our school and it takes about 2 hours to drive there.


In addition of some bigger trips, we have planned something smaller activities in Oulu for you. :) Everything depends on money, so we cannot promise anything.

On Tuesday, we are going to Tietomaa. It's Finland's first science centre. It lies in the Oulu centrum. There is lots of do and see. For example there is giant movie theater and other activities. After that we can go to shopping in the city center. In the process you get experience of Oulu's public transport. :D
On Friday we have planned to visit to Oulu's climbing center, which lies in the Toppila. There we can climb and have fun.
Some pics of Tietomaa and climbing centre:
Kuvahaun tulos haulle tietomaa
Kuvahaun tulos haulle kiipeilykeskus oulu
Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

Anyway, we are going to skating, skiing and sledding with you. :D

If you want to visit Tietomaa's or Oulu's climbing centre, there are the websites:
Tietomaa: http://www.tietomaa.fi/
Oulu's climbing centre: http://www.oulunkiipeilykeskus.com/

Made by: Hilla, Noora and Veera

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