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Kiiminki River School

Kiiminkijoen koulu (Kiiminki River School) is located in Kiiminki, which is a multiple and active municipality of twelve thousand inhabitants in Oulu region. The municipality of Kiiminki has joined to the City of Oulu. Our school was built in 1959 and enlarged in 1984 into its present size, on the beautiful Kiiminki river. The number of the pupils is growing every year and year 2010 four more classrooms were built. At 2012 a new Kindergarten for about 150 children was finished right beside our school.

There are about 550 pupils aged 7-11 in our school. We also have two small classes for children with special needs.

Since 2016 Tomi Molin has been our head teacher. We have about 33 teachers (including the teachers of English and French as well as five teachers of pupils with special education needs) , school assistants and kitchen, cleaning, caretaking and administration personnel.

Our facilities and classrooms for education are good. We have a large gym hall, special classrooms for craft and wood work. Our library is in the bottom floor, where also are English and textile classes. Our Dining Room is called Murula and it is situated in the kindergarden building.

The health care personnel (a school nurse, a doctor, a dentist and dental nurses) takes care of our pupils’ health with the help of the Health Center of Kiiminki. It provides also the services of the school psychologist and school advisor.