What is a Multi-lingual Café?

The Multi-lingual Café is an opportunity to speak Finnish or some other language. It is free, and it is for everyone. If you are interested in developing your languge skills, please feel welcome to come. Every language has it's own table, and there is a native-speaker with whom you can talk, or just listen to others speaking. The venue is Kahvila Nanda, Savilahdenkatu 12. So you can enjoy a cup of coffee or some other delicious products of Nanda.

The Multi-lingual Café has it's own survey page on internet. There you can tell us if you are intrested in participating the next event, and which language you would like to speak. You can go to the survey page from the link on this page. You can also check the answers and see, if there are already other people coming to talk with you. You find some advice on how to use the survey further down this page.

The meetings are once a month. We put the languages that are available each time also on this page. There is a link to this page on the webpage of the Mikkeli Community College (in case you don't find this page next time).

In the spring 2020 the Multi-lingual Cafés are on Saturday, from 14.30 to 16.00 hours. The dates are January 25, February 29, the rest of the meetings cancelled.

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