Individual mobility with France

Individual mobility with France -project

This project is for a student who is invited to join it! (Not open to everyone!)

In the project one student from Finland and one from France have an exchange with each other.
The exchange can last few weeks - one month.

* Student and her/his parents pay all the travelling costs and insurance for the trip to other country.
Also student&family pays the other students accommodation (including meals) costs during the exchange.

* Our High School / French school takes care of students participation at lessons, lunches in schooldays, bustickets in schooldays and any activities during the schooldays.

Is planned every time individually.
School year in Finland is mid August - end of May.
School year in France is early September - end of June.

We teachers hope, that students who participate in this project will keep an open blogsite and an introduction lesson for the other students about the experiences! :)

Please contact teachers:
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