Workshop 3 - Creating a commercial object - K. Amery, L. Camborne-Paynter

Design and create a commercial object

You will work in a small group. Each group will be given a brief to design and create a commercial object for a specific target audience. During your time together you will have to work as a team, listen to others, respect their opinions, recognise their strengths and think independently and objectively. You will go through a creative experience which will also hopefully encourage a feeling of well-being and cooperation within the group.

Ihr werdet in einer kleinen Gruppe arbeiten. Jede Gruppe wird eine Anleitung bekommen, um ein Produkt für eine bestimmte Marktgruppe zu entwerfen und gestalten. Während eurer Arbeit in einer Gruppe müsst ihr im Team arbeiten, einander zuhören, gegenseitige Meinungen respektieren, Stärken anerkennen und dabei unabhängig und objektiv sein. Bei eurer Zusammenarbeit werden kreative Denkprozesse hoffentlich zu einem Wohlbefinden innerhalb der Grupe führen.

Creating a Comercial Object

This workshop is about creating a commercial object which in this case is a shoe. Each group will make one shoe which will be modeled in a catwalk on Friday (8/3/13). Each group is judged on how they approach and manage the project, how they work together, how they manage their time, how they present their information and the originality of the shoe. They have certain materials that they can use, for example, pegs, string, ribbon, paper and fabric.
The aim of the activity is to improve communication, planning, decision making and organization skills, as well as working well in a team. It is also used to show the importance of design, creativity, marketing and tolerance of others.
They were originally in groups of two but later on they were told that they must split off in to groups of four. Each group was given a target audience which they must make their shoe for. One group had to make a shoe for a child, the other had to make a shoe for an athlete, another had to make a shoe for a footballer´s wife and the last group had to make a shoe for a polar explorer