Schedule ENA9A 2020


Room 12

Monday 9.35-10.50
Wednesday 13-14.15
Thursday 13-14.15

6.02 Thursday: essay for yo koe: Google CLASSROOM: class code: yo6acwn
 Look at lautakunta's criteria for a good essay. Do essay for Kevät 2017 due on Feb 10 in classroom .

10.02 Monday Show examples of essays - look at the first 5 essays and score them.
Work on our essay/work on Kevät 2017 on yle abitreenit (you have to sign in so you get scores and then give me your scores) 

12.02 Wednesday:Vocab Unit 11 quiz, grammar: Prepositions and other 2.2 practise.pages
13.02 Thursday: No class

Ski holiday

24.02 Monday: Discuss tragedy and 5 act play Act 4, MacBeth, 
26.02 Wednesday: NO CLASS: LOPS work
27.02 Thursday  Teacher is sick so do the Classroom assignment (Keväät 2017)  
(Second Essay is due on the 28th of February )

2.03 Monday Act 4 QUIZ (on quizlet - 2 quizzes) , Vocab Unit 12 quiz, read Act 5 up until the end of scene 4
4.03 Wednesday YO - Fall 2017 (paper): independent work and talk to students about their essays: Lucas, Kesä, Siiri, Anna, Teemu, Maxim
5.03 Thursday  NO CLASS:teachers' meeting

9.03 Monday Vocab Unit 13 quiz  Act 5, scene 5 to end, hand out assignment
11.03 Wednesday: Work on assignment
12.03 Thursday: (HOME ROOM FIRST 45 min) Discuss the essays of: Lauri

The ONLINE ADVENTURE BEGINS: Check Classroom and Wilma regularly (and pedanet)
16.03 Monday Today you can take the quiz on socrative when I open it up. It will be teacher-paced. Clement 543. And do the essay in class if you haven't done it already. Vocab Unit 14 quiz , YO essay Syksy 2019 due (classroom)
18.03 Wednesday: Quiz on ACT 5 on socrative (CLEMENT 543), exercises on quill (Grammar)
19.03 Thursday: Finish up all the YO tests: spring 2017 and fall 2017. Write your scores in Classroom and the google sheet that is your individual one.written fall 2019: listening and written http://yle.fi/plus/abitreenit/2019/syksy/EA-fi/index.html

23.03 Monday: Vocab Unit 15 quiz
25.03 Wednesday: Macbeth projects are due: written projects and oral.Make-up quizzes on Socrative.
26.03 Thursday:Final is due on March 30th 

All that needs to be done by the 26th of March:

1) Essay spring 2017, fall 2017, fall 2019
2) spring 2017/fall 2017/Fall 2019 whole test (written and listening)
3) Macbeth Assignment (project)
4) Quill diagnostic test and accompanying grammar exercises
5) quizzes for vocab and act 4 and 5 of Macbeth
6) Film review: Final 

27.3 -3.4  Assessment week


3 Essays: 15%

3 whole YO-tests: 15%

Vocabulary quizzes: 20%

Act 4 and 5 quizzees: 10%

Quill exercises: 5%

Macbeth Assignment: 15%

Extra credit: 10%

Final: 20%



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