Worksheets and quizzes 25%
vocabulary quizzes 20%
Participation: 15%
Final exam 40%
(grammar p. 51-109)


3.10 Introduction: prepare the presentations
4.10 short presentations
6.10 Class is cancelled: Do grammar p. 51-70 (passive) on your own

10.10 Vocab quiz Level D Unit 6, be ready for a little exercise on the passive ( I will check that you did your homework through an activity/quiz or something else);different students present the passive; go over characters in the play briefly , watch up to minute 9:02 in the Hollow Crown.
11.10 Go over Act 1: read until Act 1, sc2 l.25; watch until 17:56
13.10: Quiz Unit 7, grammar p. 71-90

Fall break

24.10 Go over Act 1 questions, start Act 2,1.l.75 (stop)
25.10 Go over Act 2 (sc.i and ii) Watch until 42:36 (end of II.ii); give handouts on Act 2 (due Friday),
See ppt on Language
27.10 Quiz Unit 8, grammar p. 91-100, ex. 65, 66, (LOOK AT P. 94 bottom). Return Act 2 handouts. Gve out Gerund worksheets. Check p. 50, ex 19.2 next Friday Watch film until 47: 27

31.10 Return Act 2 handouts. Go over the monologue of the King (Act 3, sc.i) in great detail. Homework: find the images and what they represent and tell the class on Wednesday.
1.11 Class cancelled
3.11 Quiz Unit 9, Check p. 50, ex 19.2 Gerund phrases
Go over images from the monologue . Take off from Act 3, sc.ii, 65, watch up to 1:16 (end of King's speeches)

7.11 Hand in Act 3 sheet and go over answers. Watch the play until 1:50
8.11 QUIZ ON Act 4
10.11 Quiz Unit 10, Grammar p.100-109, Watch film until 14:03
14.11 Act 5, watch the rest of the play. Go over the final. Many groups are acting
15.11 People can prep their scene. I work with the ones taking the exam.
17.11 Exam prep with those taking the exam. GRAMMAR PART OF EXAM// Passivep. 59-70; Infinitive p. 83-97; Singular vs plural: p.100-109)

27.11 Exam: Show films

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