ENA5A 2018

ed. 11.4: Introduce the play, read the first monologue, look at old videos (not look at Samuel's yet)
Friday 13.4: Go through Act 1, sc. i-ii, Grammar p. 201-207

Tuesday 17.4: Finish Act 1. Watch Gatsby video
Wednesday 18.4 Quiz on Act 1, Start Act 2. Read first two acts and watch the film until 23:30 (scene with Malvolio and Feste and Olivia)
Friday 19.4 Level E, Unit 6, Decide on roles and groups, give synopsis to some. grammar p.207-211

Tuesday 24.4 Act 2, sc.iii, iv. Watch until min 38. 
Wednesday 25.4  Do Act 2, sc. v  start Act 3, sc.i. Watch up to middle of Act 3, sc.i. (stop min. 59)Confirm roles and groups

Friday 27.4, Level E Unit 7, Quiz Act 2, Grammar p. 212-219

Tuesday 1.5 (NO CLASS)
Wednesday 2.5 Act 3 - Finished Act 3
Friday 4.5 Vocabulary test Level E, Unit 8, Finish Act 3, little quiz, Grammar Start p. 219 (review), 220-225, Gave handouts on coordinating conjunctions, correlative conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions AND conjunctive adverbs

Tuesday 8.5 Act 4, work on scripts: watch the prison scene only (5 min)
Wednesday 9.5, work on scripts, watch the rest of the play? (min. 111-
Friday 11.5 Level Unit 9, Act 4 quiz, grammar p. 226-232, give handout on all grammar

Tuesday 15.5 Act 5
Wednesday 16.5 Act 5 quiz, watch the rest of the film
Friday 18.5 Unit 10, grammar test, make up quizzes, work on play

Tuesday 22.5 Watch films and prep final
Wednesday 23.5 Watch films and prep final

Thursday 24.5 Exam week begins