ENA1 2019

Welcome to your first English course in high school. This course is designed to have you practise your oral skills quite intensely while getting a good basis for studying literature through reading specific texts. It is key to keep up with the reading and acquire new vocabulary as well as pronunciation skills in this course. It's a lot of fun, so don't forgot to enjoy as well!

Your grade will be calculated as follows:
Presentation: 25%
participation: 10%
vocabulary quizzes: 20%
Final assessment: 40%

Of course participation always counts on the overall grade.
• Students with 100% attendance and punctuality receive a better grade.

Books for this course

  • Grammar Rules, Otava and Answer Key (Buy at Otava or Akateeminen or Suomalainen) p. 6-58
  • Sadlier Vocabulary, Level D, Unit 1-5

Week 1
1) Cupid and Psyche: compare stories
a) Cupid and Psyche: from Mythos by Stephen Frye (not online unless you subscribe to BookBeat an audiobook app)
b) The Courtship of Mr Lyon by Angela Carter 
p. 26

Week 2
2) Pyramus and Thisbe
Desiree's Baby by Kate Chopin

Week 3
3) Pygmalion and Galatea
Modern: Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw

Weeks 4 and 5:  your own myths and presentations

Prometheus, Narcissus, The Odyssey, Perseus

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