1.10 Tues: intro : see two introductory videos, analyze our feelings towards debates. Do 30 sec to 1 min. presentatnions.
2.10 Wed: Rida and Adian, Lauri need to do their presentations, THBT children shouldn't be raised with a specific diet such as veganism (Adian take one group/ Lissy take another)
4.10 Fri: Vocab quiz Level F unit 1 Grammar Rules p. 252 - 255 Phrasal Verbs

Do phrasal verb handout. Do a couple of grammar exercises from YLE abitreenit
8.10 Tues: Cancelled (homework: read first 30 pages of Farenheit 451)
9.10 Wed: Discuss Farenheit 451 (quiz), Grammar exercises, p. 256 ex 57. p. 259 ex 146
Prepare for debate
11.10 Fri Class cancelled



22.10 Tues:
This House would ban homework

(Prop)Julius, Leo, Lucas, Rida vs Fia,  Sofia, Maria

(Prop) Eszter, Joonas, Anna, Siiri vs Teemu, Lauri, Otso, Yoonis 

23.10 Wed: Vocab quiz Level F unit  2 Grammar Rules p. 259, ex 147, 148, 149, Read up to page 60 in Farenheit 451

25.10 Fri: Debate (Teacher not here but Niki and Adian) 
Adian, Teemu, Lauri (prop) vs Niki, Sofia, Fia

THBT torturing terrorists can be justified.


29.10 Tues : THW legalise euthanasia

(prop) Pepita, Elisa, Adian vs (opp) Otso, Joonas, Lauri subs for Rida

30.10 Wed Cancelled (PSAT take too long)

1.11 Friday 

Vocab quiz Level F unit  3, Farenheit 451 p. 61-106

Tell about Nov 23 debate as an option for exam


5.11 Tues: TWO DEBATES

THBT the death penalty should be enforced.

Adian: Judge

Lucas, Pepita, Yoonis and Joonas L (prop) vs  Otso, Rida, Sofia, Maria  (opp)

Lissy: Judge

Prop: Lauri, Fia, Siiri, Teemu (prop) vs Julius, Leo, Anna, Elisa (opp)

6.11 Wed Vocab quiz Level F unit  4 Grammar Rules p. Farenheit p. 107-133

8.11 Fri

THW prohibit tourism to countries with a poor record of protecting human rights

Eszter, Lucas, Elisa, Rida vs Pepita, Teemu and Fia, 


12.11 Tues 

Rida, Leo, Yoonis, Julius (prop) vs Adian, Siiri, Anna, Fia
THW allow parents and teachers to smack their children

13.11 Wed

Discuss the smack their children debate

Vocab quiz Level F unit  5 Grammar Rules Farenheit p.134- 158 (the end)
Make up quizzes

15.11 Fri Work on preparing debates (Teacher not here)

Assessment week: Tuesday, November 19th Tuesday, November 26th


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