ENA5B 2020

ENA5B schedule

Tuesday: 8.10 - 9.25 NO CLASS TUESDAYS (Just personal (reading) work)
Wednesday:  9.35 - 10.50 
Thursday:  11.00-12.55

Week 1:
7.4 Tuesday: No class
8.4 Wednesday: Introduction (meet at 10 am on Google Meet for 30 min):
readings: The General History of Virginia by John Smith; Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford
9.4 Thursday: No class
Readings: The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson and The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano  

Week 2
14.4 Tuesday at 8.45am - Socrative quiz on the General History, Plymouth Plantation, Declaration of Independence and Olaudah Equiano

1) Watch this video on slavery
Take notes while you watch it.

2) First chapter of the Eyes were Watching God

Homework: Read the following:

From the Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin, From Letters from an American Farmer by Crèvecoeur

15.4 Wednesday: NO CLASS: but read these  From the Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin, From Letters from an American Farmer by Crèvecoeur

16.4 Thursday:  CLASS AT 11.00 Socrative quiz: Unit 6 Vocabulary quiz, Grammar p. 208-218, NoredINK

Week 3
21.4 Tuesday Slavery:

Crevecoeur: Last paragraph of this page

Spirituals: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - Go Down, Moses p. 530-534 

Listen to Go Down Moses

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

My Bondage and my Freedom by Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) p. 519. 

Second Inaugural Address by Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) Reading time: 3 minutes (700 words)

22.4 Wednesday Class: reading quiz on 

  • Ben Franklin
  • Crèvecoeur
  • Spirituals
  • Frederick Douglas
  • Lincoln

An Account of an Experience with Discrimination by Sojourner Truth (1797-1883) p. 553-556 Reading time: 1.30 minutes (304 words)

23.4 Thursday: Socrative Unit 7, Grammar Rules p. 218-230

Week 4
28.4 Tuesday: No Class (work on stories)
29.4 Wednesday: No Class (work on stories)
30.4 Thursday: CLASS AT 11.00 Unit 8 quiz, Grammar, p. 230-245 (Readings are due: https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/NzU1MTc3NzU2NjJa/a/ODkyMzgwMTE5MDVa/details)
Week 5

5.5 Tuesday: No class
6.5 Wednesday: Class on Wagner Matinée and introduce Ice Castle
7.5 Thursday Class Unit 9 quiz, Grammar IV 245-264

Week 6
12.5 Tuesday: MAKEUP QUIZZES
13.5 Wednesday: Class
14.5 Thursday Unit 10 quiz, finish grammar (208-264)

Week 7
19.5 Tuesday MAKEUP QUIZZES (Reading 1 and 2) Start at 8.45 
20.5 Wednesday: prep for Final: In class do Martin Luther King, Jr. assignment

28.5 EXAM: Exam includes Grammar from Grammar Rules and Readings

Exam week begins 21.5

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