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Nurmeksen lukio

Nurmeksen lukio provides general upper secondary education for 16 – 19 –year-olds and also for mature students. Founded in 1898, we are one of the first upper secondary schools in Finnish countryside. The main aim of Nurmeksen lukio is to provide strong all-round general academic education as a solid basis for further studies in higher education. Our ideals are verity, humanity and righteousness.

The school building is situated by beautiful lakeside close to Nurmes town centre. All our classrooms are equipped with modern educational technology.

We also want to offer our students chances to widen their horizons by arranging excursions to Central Europe and exchanges with Russian friendship school in Nadvoize and taking part in projects with other European schools. Field work courses in biology in Lapland and international science projects in Cern, Switzerland enable the students to apply their knowledge in practice. käyttää vain välttämättömiä evästeitä istunnon ylläpitämiseen ja anonyymiin tekniseen tilastointiin. ei koskaan käytä evästeitä markkinointiin tai kerää yksilöityjä tilastoja. Lisää tietoa evästeistä