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Muijala school

Muijala school is a primary school in Lohja about 50 km west of Helsinki. In our school we have about 170 children aged from 7 to 13 years.

Our school is a learning community where every learner, a child as well as an adult, is willing to groe and educate himself on the basis of his own capacity together with the others. Openness towards the society and co-operation with external partners provide the framework for School.

The values of Muijala school are responsibility, trust, individuality and inclusion. Shared leadership, co-operation, teamwork and continuous improvement are important for us.

School planning in a team of teachers and an architect started in 1995. The school was built in 1997 next to a small day-care center. The guiding principle for the plans of Muijala Primary School was how the school premises could support learning. In the oldest part the classrooms are built open, like a fan aroud the library without one wall.

Over the years the school expanded into extensions.

Nummenkylä Primary School, a small village school, was linked with Muijala School in 2005.

Literacy has always been in the center of learning in MUijala School. Muijala School has taken part as a pilot school in a national reading project Lukuinto 2013-2015. Teachers in Muijala School have educated themselves further in teaching reading and literacy. The have also trained other teachers in Lohja and Southern Finland.
IMG_2724Kirjakerhon satoa.jpg
School library with ICT in the centre of the building shows the importance of learning.

ICT and robotics
Muijala school has been a pilot also in ICT-project in Lohja. Teachers of our school have trained other in Lohja.

Tähän kuva

School council elect representatives from each class.