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Kerava´s Early Childhood Education and Preschool did Job Shadowings in Brussels administration

Kerava city’s head of Early Childhood Education Hannele Koskinen, one Head of Early Childhood and Preschool Center Päivi Aho and planner for Early Childhood and Education Hanna Sulonen did their Job Shadowings in two places in Brussels. These places were Administratief centrum city of Brussels and Vlaams ministerie van Onderwijs en Vorming. Sandra de Nies and Tim de Jaeger had organizied very wonderful four days for us. We saw so much that it is difficult to write on blog.

We saw that they do their works by their hearts. They want to develop teaching and learning at the schools of Brussels and they want to do high-quality early childhood education and education at schools. Sandra de Nies leads education at flemish language schools. French language schools are in the different organizations. They are working parallel but in the different organizations.

At flemish language schools have developed early education and care and education a lot. They have very many pupils from different countries and they had have to think how they can teach many nationalities together. They teach inclusive like us and they have many similar practices than we have. It was nice to see. They have same kind of challenges than we have too. It is as difficult to find enough teachers to the schools than we have to find teachers to daycare centres and so on. It was great to talk together how we can develop this.

They have developed the practicies to organize the things of all schools straightforwardly. For example they have a program in which principals of the schools write if something has gone broken or they need a new things to their schools. This program will declare the case to the administration and the worked of the urban tehcnology will handle this case and order the new things to schools. We do’nt have this kind of program at Kerava city.

It was very inspiring to see how the flemish language schools administration controls and develop their practicies and specially how their love their kids and want to give their best to them! It is the most important thing in our working!


Naavapuisto and Savio visited at Unescoschool Koekelberg. It was a really big school and there are children from age 3 months to 18 years. 

We had a possibility to visit at many classes with children 3 months to 6 years old. Usually there was only one teacher at a class with 20-25 children. Some classes had a shared assistant, who helped two hours per class.

In school they have usually theme which comes from the children. Teacher observes childrens interests and plays and choose the theme about them.

But it`s not so easy to notice every children ideas or needs when you are alone with them

There were a lot of technology at the school. There was a special fablab class with 3D printers and little programming robots. Some class had a interactive whiteboards and the children can choose which play they want to do by touching the own name from the board.

There was lots of whole group learning lessons where they practised colors, numbers, abstracts (for examble up, down, forward), comparing and songs.

In Finland we are going out much more than here. Today here was raining a bit and many class stayed inside. 

One difference between Kerava`s and Unescoschool early childhood education was that in Brussels they have own gymnastic teacher who is teaching every class one hour per week. And there is 12 different classes.

Overall this experience has been so great. We are really thankful for this possibility to see and learn different kind of early childhood education system and to have more ideas to our work! After all we have many similar things with Unescoschool but also differences. The biggest difference is how many adults are in the group. Here is only one and in Finland usually three. We are lucky that we can give much more attention, care and time for the children! 🥰

De Kadeekes

Keravanjoki visited in De Kadeekes School in Koekelberg. Children are ages 2,5-12. School is open  7.00 a.m. till 6 p.m. Teaching time is 8.30 a.m. till 3.20 p.m.

Ulla visited group where children are 2,5 years old. Group theme is colors. Today there was 5 children ja one teacher. 

Maiju spend day with 3 years old children. Today there was 19 children and one teacher. Usually there are two teachers with children but today the other one was sick. Because of that the teacher get extra help from assistance. Today they they learned about green colour and mixing that colour using yellow and blue. There was also a story behind a colours and puppets theatre. 

Reetta visited group where children are 5 years old. Their theme is monsters. They have theme two weeks and then they change that. Today there was 23 children and one teacher. Normally there is two teachers.

Satu has a great time and good conversations with the principal Carine. They visited in two classes, which are a couble of blocks away from the school in a separated building. That’s because of the lack of space. In De Kadeekes School they are waiting a new school building in few years. De Kadeekes School was built on 1913 and it’s a beautiful, but not a functional building.

It was a very interesting day! We got so many new things and ideas for our work!

Institution van de Ursula Brussel

we (aarre kindergarten) arrived in Brussels today and traveled to Ursula School. The building was once owned by a priest. 
The priest has donated the building to the school.

the school was started 20 years ago. The school is a Catholic school.The school is located in a residential area of
​​the Arab population. 98% of the school's pupils are of non-Belgian origin. 65% of the schoolchildren are from Morocco.
The school was set up to support the French population of the area.

In Brussels, all schools are full and families are seeking school.
preference is given to teachers' children or children who already have siblings at school.
However, the investment seeks to take into account the residential area as public transport is chaotic.

the school has 170 students. there are 10 classes: 2.5 to 12 years. There are 4 classes at the day care center
and 6 at the school side. Officially, the school starts at the age of 5. There are 18 students in each class.

the school was in a calm atmosphere. the pupils respected the adults and there was peace of mind in the classrooms.

The headmaster meets and knows each student and family. He welcomes all students to the outdoor gathering
in the mornings. the school day always ends with the headmaster's wish for a good end date. In the afternoon,
the principal is also available to parents if they have any questions. The headmaster will also support the
teachers and help them as needed. The teacher can send the student to the principal and he or she will talk to him / her.

Tomorrow we'll get to know more about practical work and pedagogy! käyttää vain välttämättömiä evästeitä istunnon ylläpitämiseen ja anonyymiin tekniseen tilastointiin. ei koskaan käytä evästeitä markkinointiin tai kerää yksilöityjä tilastoja. Lisää tietoa evästeistä