English-speaking classes

English-speaking classes

Viitaniemi School has a long tradition of offering instruction in English.

Our English-speaking classes are intended for English-speaking children living temporarily or permanently in Finland and for Finnish children returning to Finland from abroad. Also Finnish children who have received their elementary education in English or who otherwise have a sufficient fluency in English to cope in the classroom can be admitted as students. We currently number 36 students in grades 7-9. Tuition is free of charge.

The curriculum follows the national guidelines except in the English language which is naturally more demanding than in the Finnish-speaking classes. Most core subjects (i.e. theoretical subjects) are taught in English but in practical subjects like PE, Arts, Home Economics, Crafts and Music students are integrated with Finnish-speaking classes. Study materials are provided either in English or in Finnish.

Students study Finnish either as a second language or as their mother tongue depending on their background. Several other languages are offered as electives.

For further information, please contact our Head Teacher Mr Jouni Hokkanen (jouni.hokkanen@jkl.fi) or the form teachers Ms Merja Sinnemäki (merja.sinnemaki@jkl.fi) or Ms Anne Yliniemi (anne.yliniemi@jkl.fi).

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