BLOGI: Hollanti 4.12.-10.12.2016

Hollanti 4.12.-10.12.2016

Friday: The last school day

It’s Friday, the final school day. Tiredness has been building up after another early morning and getting up was more and more difficult. We ate a breakfast and packed our lunch bags, as usual, and then headed off to subway. One the morning we had a lecture about buildings of future. After the lecture we went to classrooms and made some calculations with our group. After the break, it was time for the final, and the most important assignment - writing recommendation letters to the headmaster about the ways to improve the school building and making it more energy efficient. We came up with many wild ideas and some were infeasible, such as building own nuclear plant… Nevertheless, I’m sure that Mr. Timmermans will be satisfied with our recommendations, and that there were at least some good ideas! We also presented the ideas to our groups. Later the day we all went to eat to a Chinese restaurant and then partying with our school. It was time to say goodbye to this adventure.

Thursday: More physics

On Thursday we had a busy school day. The day started with a lecture about "Sun as an energy source", and the lecturer came from Leiden University. After the lecture we went to class rooms with our groups and did some exercises that were related to sun energy.

After the lunch break we had another lecture and its theme was "Energy from wind". The lecturer came from Eindhoven University. The lecture was quite hard to understand and that is why it was hard to concentrate also to listening. After this lecture we had to so some data-processing; we had gathered data during the whole week and now it was time to process gathered information.

Wednesday: Day trip

At Wednesday it was time for us finnish students to go on the trips to the Amercentrale powerplant and the harbour of Rotterdam.

At the coalplant we had a guided tour introducing us first into the basic functions of a coal plant and then talking of the more sustainable future of the plant. The plant itself was quite a big one with the capability of producing 700 MW of electricity.

Next up was the harbour of Rotterdam and the Futureland exhibition there. First up we headed for a bus tour around the perimeter of one of the biggest harbours in the world and we were told about the history and the future of it. After the tour we had some assignments on the sustainability and the future of the harbour.

After the long day of travelling and listening we still had some free time at the central of Rotterdam before heading to the hostel for the night.

Tuesday: Physics workshops

Tuesday 6.12.2016 Finland's independence day

6:15 am: We woke up at this time, just like yesterday. We all ate breakfast in the hostell. After that we left to the metro station because metro left at half past seven to school in Spijkenisse.

Today the other half of students left to the Futureland and the other half stayed at school doing a lot of experiments. All finnish students stayed at school today. We all did a lot of all kinds of experiments and assignments in different groups. Experiments and assignments were quite difficult, but we handled them.

The school day ended a little after four o'clock and after that we went back to our hostell near Rotterdam central by metro. The boys spent the evening by looking for a restaurant for one and half an hour and ended up in McDonald's. The girls were shopping for a while and eventually ended up in McDonald's as well. Later in the evening all the finnish students were at the hostel and played card games.

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First days: Sunday and Monday

We left at 9.30 from Joutsa. The flight was okay and lasted about 2,5 hours. In Amsterdam we took a train to Rotterdam. Some teachers from the Netherlands came to the train station and we went together to the hostel. At 19.00 all the students from hostel went to eat in a italian restaurant together.

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We woke up at 6 o'clock, which was way too early for us. Everybody was really tired. We went to eat breakfast and got some lunch packets from the hostel. At 7.34 we took an underground to Spijkenisse where the school is located in. There are about 1500 students and from 110 to 120 teachers at the school. The name of the school is De Ring Van Putten.

At First we went to the auditorium. The headmaster gave a speech about the week and said welcome to us. We were divided into groups, which was named by colours. There were also smaller groups inside the "colour groups". We went to the classrooms with our "colour groups" and had some games to get to know each other better.

We had a break and we ate snacks. Then we had a lecture - Fusion Road Show - about fusion. The lesson was really long and boring. After the lecture we went to the classrooms and made some assignments with our groups.

We had another break and we ate again. After the break we made experiments in the classrooms. The school ended at 15.50 and we went back to the hostel by underground.

After school we walked around the city and went shopping. Of course we ate too. In the evening we hang out at the hostel with friends.

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