Jokioisten historia ja nykypäivä

History and present


The first people arrived at Jokioinen along the River Loimijoki. Jokioinen was founded in 1300, but close village population was not born until 1500. Under the leadership of von Willebrand the manor started the industrialization of Jokioinen, which helped Jokioinen rise to one of the province's most predominant industrial areasl.Von Willebrand intensified and expanded the estate sawmill industry in the 1790s.Von Willebrand set up a brick factory, brewery and a liquor factory. In addition he developed agriculture and animal husbandry methods. The history of jokioinen is closely linked to the history of the manor.. At the end of the century mr. Erns Gustav von Willebrand took care.of the manor house. Today, there is a lot of Jokioinen industry

LUKE founded at Jokioinen in 1898
The coat of arms on the cob topic refers to the importance of the Jokioinen manor has been in the development of Finnish agriculture. And the anvil Jokioisten spinning wheel. Jokioinen is now part of Häme.


Jokioinen has a population of 5419.
The surface area of Jokioinen is 181,94 square kilometers with a water content of 1,52 square kilometers.
Jokioinen belongs to Häme province.

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Jokioinen VPK 100 years
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