How seniors learn digital skills in the Nordics and Baltic? The Swedish Perspectives (January 2021)

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How seniors learn digital skills in the Nordics and Baltic –The Swedish Perspectives

Online Conference 27th to 28th of January 2021.
Hosted by Swedish Association for Distance Education

The conference was carried out online, thus as it was also a project meeting for the project How seniors learn digital skills in the Nordics and Baltic funded by NordPlus Nordic Council of Ministers, we provided some pre events and social events,

Day 1 : 27 January 2021 (13.00 -18.15 CET)
13.00 Welcome Ebba Ossiannilsson and Ulf Sandstrom, Swedish Association for Distance Education (SADE)
13:30 Introduction Ville Hirvikoski Project Coordinator, Summer University of Jyväskylä, FI.
14.00 Sturla Bjerkaker NO Seniornett, NO
14.15 Jurgita Rotomskiene, LT
14.40 EC Digital Action Plan
14.55  Futures of education: Learning to become. Swedish examples (among others Digital strategy plan Sweden)
15.45 Susanne Iwarsson, GenerationTech – Ageing, Technology and Health from a Generational Perspective. Centre for Ageing and supportive environments Lund University, SE
16.55 Reflections Partner meeting
17.35 Mingel Partner meeting

Day 2 : 28 January (10.00 -13.00 CET)
10.00 Reflections from day 1 Partner meeting
10.30 Cecilia Bjursell, Lifelong learning later in life, National centre for lifelong learning ENCELL, Jönköping University SE
11.00 Ebba Ossiannilsson Digital immigrants toolbox DISK
11.45 Ulli Samuelsson To be seen as a learning human and not a technical issue, Jönköping University SE
12.15 About RISE and Lifelong learning
13.00 Reflections, actions forwards, Partner meeting
14.00 Closing addresses, Partner meeting

The conference was open for everyone. No participation fee.

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Ebba Ossiannilsson

Professor, Dr.
Vice President SADE

Swedish Association for Distance Education (SADE), Sweden

V President SADE. ICDE and EDEN EC, ICDE Quality Network/ ICDE Focal Points Quality, ICDE OER Advocacy Committee, Chair, CDE Ambassador for the global advocacy of OER 2017

Member in SIS and ISO
Ossiannilsson QOOL Consultancy
EDEN Fellow 2024, EDEN Council of Fellows 2017
Open Education Europa (OEE) Fellow 2015 OEE Ambassador 2016

Ulf Sandstrom 

President SADE

Swedish Association for Distance Education (SADE), Sweden

Distance Educator and project leader Department for working life Harnosand municipality.

EDEN fellow 2020.
Master of Science Uppsala University.
Ville Hirvikoski

M. A Planning Coordinator
Summer University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Ville works since 2017 as educational planner at the Summer University of Jyväskylä. Currently he is coordinating the Geronet project funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The project aims to promote seniors’ digital skills in 14 areas in Finland by offering open courses and organizing a network of peer tutors to help elderly people with IT problems.

Sturla Bjerkaker

Member of the International Adult and Continuing Hall of Fame

Seniornett, Norway.

Jurgita Rotomskiene Medardas Cobotas Third Age University (MCTAU), Lithuania.

Dr. Jurgita Rotomskienė, the dean of the Faculty of Politics and Economics in Medardas Čobotas university of the third age (MČTAU). She joined the university in 2018.
Education – Doctor of Physics.
She headed the mortgage register of the Republic of Lithuania, later led a Norwegian capital company in setting up a debtor administration system.
Susanne Iwarsson

Professor, Dr.
Centre for Ageing and supportive environments, CASE Lund University, Sweden

Susanne Iwarsson, professor in gerontology at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University, Sweden, and Doctor Honoris Causa (DHC) at Riga Stradins University, Latvia. She is the Head of the Active and Healthy Ageing research group at the Department of Health Sciences, concentrating on environmental gerontology in combination with health sciences and neuroscience, studying the ageing individual’s and population’s opportunities for activity and participation in society. She is the Coordinator of the Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments (CASE) and the Swedish National Graduate School for Competitive Science on Ageing and Health (SWEAH).

Cecilia Bjursell

Professor, Dr.
Center leader and professor of pedagogy with a focus on lifelong learning, Sweden

Cecilia Bjursell, professor of pedagogy with a focus on lifelong learning, is active as center manager for Encell at the University of Learning and Communication in Jönköping and leads the research environment Lifelong Learning, which includes about twenty researchers. Her research concerns lifelong learning, incl. older people’s learning and educational leadership.

Ulli Samuelsson. Foto: Anna Hållams.
Ulli Samuelsson

Assistant Professor 
Jönköping University, Sweden

Ulli Samuelsson is an assistant professor in education at Jönköping University. Her research embraces digital inequality and digital inclusion with a focus on older adults. National surveys, as well as in-depth interviews and observations, form the basis of her research. käyttää vain välttämättömiä evästeitä istunnon ylläpitämiseen ja anonyymiin tekniseen tilastointiin. ei koskaan käytä evästeitä markkinointiin tai kerää yksilöityjä tilastoja. Lisää tietoa evästeistä