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How seniors learn digital skills in the Nordics and Baltic?

Welcome to read about our Nordplus Adult project NPAD-2020/10169, which has been funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project is planned to be organized under the project period 09/2020-08/2021 and it is coordinated by the Summer University of Jyväskylä.

Aim of this thematic network project is to strengthen and develop co-operation between Nordic countries and Baltic region on life-long learning for seniors and to learn and share ideas of digital skills teaching for seniors in different countries.

Each participating organization organizes a meeting for other participating organizations to introduce its education, teaching methods and topics of digital skills. These meetings are intended for pedagogical staff and representatives of adult students (seniors) from each organization.

Expected outcomes of this project are sharing ideas of teaching digital skills and themes for new courses. Other important aspect of this project is to find new partners and get the possibility to continue partnership in the future. Participants are also getting know the Finnish Geronet-project coordinated by Jyväskylä Summer University, which aims to promote seniors digital skills in the whole Finland (funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education).


Ville Hirvikoski
planning coordinator
ville.j.t.hirvikoski (at)
tel. + 358 44 760 3728
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