10.10.2017 - A day in Berlin

From Lubeck to Berlin's museum

The day started at the front of the German school at 7am. A bus came and picked us up at about 7:15 and our journey to Berlin could begin.
The bus drive was estimated to take about three and a half hours, but it took like an hour more. That's why we all missed our guided tour in the museum, but luckily for the finns, there was a finnish tour just about to start. After going through the museum, we all met with each other at the exit.

Food, shopping and sights

After the museum we all ate together in a buffet restaurant and from there the group separated into smaller groups. We had about two and a half hours of free time and a part of us went shopping to the mall of Berlin and after that most of us went sightseeing. After the free time we all had to meet up at The Brandenburg Gate at 17:15.

Our way back home

Our bus drive back to Lübeck took for at least four hours with our bus driver stopping for McDonald's. We arrived back to the school about ten o' clock and everyone was exhausted and tired.