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Erasmus and Theater can be interconnected

Hi everyone ,
I want to tell you something about my contribution in this project . I like theater very much. So when I heard that in this project was theater group I decided to join. This project has another positive points. I can learn and find out more about migration and difference cultures.
In our performance we wanted to showed how it was be difference and come from another country. We wanted to set out it in nativity play .
Our another project was a kind of dictionary becouse it was a lessons for foreigner. We showed a simple polish phrases. We have very fun during shooting.
This project developed my point of view . I change the way of looking for immigrant. Only good things happend in Erasmus +. I'm very happy that I decidet to join.

Finland- Cold yet warm

Sup Guys!
I just wanted to tell you my story.You may think it's a boring stuff but hey! it is not!

First of all I searched through the Internet for some informations about the country (Okay...that was boring...forget it xD) But actually I found out some interesting things like karjalanpiirakka <3. It's an tasty rice bun or something like that. I don't really know how to describe it but I ate it and it was.....awesome! You have to try it. If you have Finnish exchange friend then just ask for it ;) I'm sure they'll gladly bring them to you.

When we were in Finland we wisited Fazer chocolate fabric. It was the best! I mean one thing from the best ;) Of course at the very beginning a guide was spouting nonsense (it means that I didn't really listen xD) about trees and grass etc. But later it was getting more and more interesting. Actually the end of the touring was the best. Becouse the guide told us that we can eat all the chocolates we want in a biiiiig room filled with sweets. Yum!

Finishing the food topic. People in Finnland are extremely sincire with each other. I've never seen my Finnish host to close the door with a key! (Soon I found out that they just close automaticly...) But they also have a parking card or so. It work like this:
1.You arrive with your car on parking place
2.You settle down the hour when you arrive
3.You go somewhere and leave your car for exactly 1h
4.You go back to your car after 1h (NO MORE THAN 1H BECOUSE IT IS WRONG)
5.Everyone is happy
Okay...seriously in Poland it wouldn't work...like totally. The Polish Man would just go back to their car. Change the hour when he arrived and stay for another hour...
People in Finnland are not like that (ok...I know myself some exeptions ;)) it is really kind of them.

Sightseeing the city was also fun. Maybe you saw some photos earlier ;) Altough it was cold, we menaged to stay outside and not freeze from cold, refreshing wind.


So the time for THE VERY BEST THING has come
it was
dum dum dum
I guess it's the craziest thing I've done in my life so far...
First of all we had to go from one house to another wearing only swimsuits and towels. You can just imagine how freakin' cold ths stroll was. After that we went right to the hot sauna and stayed there till........till my nose started to hurt becouse of hight temperature. It was the right time to go out and do the next thing. Which was.........swimming in the sea. Just what the? Sea? Realy? You mean Baltic Sea? This one which has like 4 degrees of Celsius?......yup....they meant exactly that sea. One thing I can tell you. If you want to dive in this cold water, then do it ASAP, and then run towards to the sauna becouse otherwise you'll freeze...xD

Thanks for attention



First year of the project:)

Hi everyone! :)
Just wanted to say some words of what I have experienced during my Erasmus journey :D
The best thing was going to Kotka with my friends and getting to know awesome people who I met there. I think that's the best thing in EU projects. Besides learning and discussing important issues such as migration, you meet amazing people with who you can spend the week which will always stay in your memory. What is more, I really liked meeting imgrants and listening their histories, it was just touching. I can't wait to next meeting!:) Wilma was hosting me and Paulina like sisters and I really miss you girl!

Missing all of you guys actually xx

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