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In English

The primary school of Humaloja

Humaloja is a village in Haapavesi, which is a small town in northern Finland. You have to travel about 500 km north from Helsinki and 120 south from Oulu to find us.There are three teachers and the mount of pupils is now (year 2014-15) 52. Our school is in very beautiful place near the river Pyhäjoki. The school started in Humaloja in 1927.The new part of our school was made in 1987. Classes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 work in the older building. Classes 5 and 6 work in the new building, where we have a hall to use in school celebrations and in PE lessons.

History of Humaloja

The earliest signs of inhabitation found in the Haapavesi region date back to 5000 B.C. At the time, the area was at the shore of the sea.

More recently, this area, which was the border region from the time of the Peace of Pähkinäsaari, became inhabited in the mid 1500´s. Around that time, Gustav Vasa took an interest in exploring the wilderness. And so the Tavastian and Savo people quarreled over who would rule over the region.

Later, we quarreled with the Russians all the way up to the 1800´s, until Sweden had to give up all of Finland to the control of the Czar of Russia. The river Pyhäjoki, which flows through the village, has been the means of transport throughout time all the way from Karjala to the Baltic Sea.

Skis from Haapavesi were unbeatable stuff in the ski contests of early 1900´s. Those, skis from Haapavesi, were made in Humaloja for the domestic market. The reputation of this ski type decreased when ski contests changed from the flat land to the forrest terrain. In addition to the famous ski makers, some notable competition skiers are also from this village.

At the turn of the last century, almost the entire village belonged to the Kuuskoski manor. Fire destroyed the great manor but the menory is preserved even in the address of the school: Kuusikoskenkuja 10. Our school is standing today in the same place as the manor was.

Humaloja now

The village of Humaloja is only 4 km from the downtown sectin of Haapavesi. As a result, the village-like milieu and way of life are in danger of turning into something like a suburb of the town. The Yle tower, which can be seen for miles around, could be considered the landmark of Humaloja. It blinks over the village tirelessly over the village as dusk draws night.

The once freely-rushing rapids of Haapakoski has always added a bit to village life. At its peak, two mills were in operation: the Resutakkinen (Torn jackets) and Herra (Lord) mills. These names make their own statement about the community at the turn of the century. Today, only one of these mills is in operation.

Also in operation is the Niittykosken Kauppapuutarha oy (the Niittykoski garden store Ltd). The garden specialises in growing cucumber. Operating in the same facilities is the Aito-Onni Winery, whose selection includes domestic berry wines, liqueur, and distillate. Also being offered is the home wine of the year ´96! From under the same roof operates the shipping side of business. Wine is shipped to all parts of the country in vans. At the centre of the town is a natural products business and the funeral parlour.