The tale of the vacant lot

Katso video ja vastaa kysymyksiin


  • Trade = exchange something for something else
  • Value = When something is really important to a person in life. The worth of something compared to the price paid or asked for it
  • Average = Not the best but neither the worst, just being average.
  • Insecure = Feeling unconfident and anxious

. bizarre = weird, odd

  1. What can you buy from a bizarre store?
  2. Why Kathryn doesn’t want to give her ring to a seller lady? What’s the value of the ring?
  3. Kathryn doesn’t have any money and she doesn’t want to give her ring. What kind of trade she makes with the seller lady?
  4. The shoes that Kathryn bought seem to be working. How does it affect to Kathryn’s behaviour of being best?
  5. Kathryn runs into this handsome football player again at school. After their short meeting she decides to go to this bizarre shop for the second time. How would you describe Kathryn’s personality so far?
  6. Kathryn makes a trade with the seller lady. Again they make a deal that seller lady takes “something that means nothing to Kathryn” as a trade. What do you think what is that meaningless value that the seller lady is taking from her?
  7. The seller lady tells Kathryn that she used to be beautiful too. Then she reveals her true face behind the headscarf. What do you think what has happened to the seller lady? Why she has lost her beauty?
  8. When the seller lady and Kathryn met at first, she told to Kathryn “I’ve been where you are”. At the end she says that again. What did she actually mean by saying that?
  9. Finally Kathryn realizes the value of real things. Describe with your own words the moral lesson of the story.