9. day, Thu 28.4.

This was the day when we had to leave Vidigueira and say goodbye to our host families and new friends. It was really sad to say goodbye and leave. We had a little problem to fit our luggage into the bus so we had to wait for another vehicle. Then we drove to Lisbon. When we finally found our hostel we left our luggage there and went to the downtown. We headed to Sintra to see Pena National Palace. The view was just amazing because the palace is on a hilltop. We took a visit in the palace and everyone could see what they want. When we left Sintra we stopped for a little break on the beach. Water was really wet. Then we arrived back to Lisbon and had a good lunch. In the evening we went to see the view of Lisbon and its lights in the dark. After that we went to our hostel and everyone went to their own rooms. It was time to say good night and prepare for the next and the last day.

Saying goodbye at AEVID.

The Sintra castle in Lisbon.

Some Atlantic waves.

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