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Hydropower Plant of Alqueva

- Was finished in 2002 and is located in region of Beja
- Vanguished one town called Aldeia da Luz, which was moved to another location before the dam was ready.
- Hilltops formed many islands, when water started to get higher.
- Dam fertilized the land that became able to farm.
- Lake covers area of 250km2 and is 135-154m deep
- Produced tourism for the area.

More accurate description down below.

Power produced:
- Hydropower has a potential energy of the height difference between pools.
E_{\text{pot}}=m\cdot g\cdot h, m=mass, g=gravity, h=height
- Hydropower has a kinetic energy when they gather energy from the movement of the water.E_k=\frac{1}{2}mv^2, m=mass, v=speed
- And work and force needed when moving the water from one place to another.
W = F \cdot s. W=work, F=force, s=distance

- Has 2 turbines which has a 240MW power
- Produces 269GWh of electricity per one year.

The hydropower dam of Alqueva.

Getting to know about sustainable tourism entrepreneurship on the artificial lake over the dam.


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