3. day Fri 22.4.

Today on a cloudy friday morning we arrived to the school of Vidigueira at 8.30. We left the school by bus to see the beautiful sights and beaches and rocks of Southwest Alentejo and Vincent Natural park. There we were forbidden to go to the steep rocks because "it´s very dangerous!!!" but our rebel teacher Simo ingrored the instructions...

After this we ate some snakcs and left happy towards the eco camping resort called Zmar. On our way we stopped to a SWIMMING beach but "we had no time to swim but lets see how it would be like :DD" but once again our rebellious finnish sisu-boys Juuso and Toni didn´t care about the rules and left their "winterfur" in the Atlantic ocean as our official supervisor Tuomas Yli-Kokko aka Tykki proudly took pictures.

After this we finally went to the Zmar eco camping resort. By the gate they gave us wristbands that "allows you to go anywhere you want" and credit cards where we could load money. Happily we drove to Zmar where we had the best lunch of the whole trip and very good desserts. After this we students were waiting enthusiasticly to get in the pool but first we had to go to a guided tour around the resort. In the beginning of the tour we heard about the ecological choices of the resort. The terrace, chairs and tables are made of recycled materials and there are solar panels in the roof of the buildings to warm up the water and create energy for the resort. After this we went to see the place for children. There kids can make some of the toys by theirselves. In the yard there were many fun activities and even thought they were made for smaller children we had very much fun trying them. (specially teacher simo). After this we walked to see the waste recycle center. The Zmar camp reuses all waste that is possible to recycle. Also the waste water is cleaned and reused in the wastewater treatment plant. We walked around in the resort and saw the enviromentally fiendly cottages of the Zmar.

An introduction to an example of sustainable entrepreneurship at Zmar camp.


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