2. day Thu 21.4.

  • At the beginning of the day we got ourselves to the AEVID school with our pairs. We went to the classes with our pairs for a moment. After that all the finnish students went to the auditorium of the school. They told us a bit of the school and Portugal. They showed us a 7-minute-long video about history of Portugal.

  • Then they showed us the school and the students and teachers here. We got to walk around and saw a lot of interesting things. Then we got to eat some portuguese foods and drinks.

  • After that we did group projects with our portuguese pairs about entrepreneurship. We also constructed a solar powered oven together.
  • We went to eat at the cafeteria of school. They served us a really nice pineapple jelly. After that some of us played football Finland vs. Portugal. Portugal won.
  • After that we went to the town hall of Vidigueira. We got to visit the museum also. There were a lot of old things and it was interesting. We also met a cute street dog who followed us during the whole evening. After taking couple of photos we went to wine association where we spent little time.
  • Then we went to the host families, got to eat and shower and then went to sleep.
text: Eppuli and Jenna

Working together on the theme of entrepreneurship.

Making solar owens together.

Almost the whole group in the center of Vidigueira with the statue of Vasco da Gama.


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