Food workshops

During the visit in Poland, on Monday, the participants took part in workshops about food, eating, healthy lifestyle and digestive system. At first, we played the Kahoot game. Then we moved on to playing different board games prepared by Polish students.

There were:

1) Memory game prepared by Sandra Rostkowska and by Martyna Czajkowska

2) board game "Beat the unhealthy food" by Sandra Rostkowska and Martyna Czajkowska

3) game "Vitamins" by Marta Tukan and Celina Święcicka

4) board game "Food curiosities" by Daniel Gorzkowski and Kacper Chomicz

5) game "Toxins" by Konrad Młodziejewski i Marta Róża

6) game "Food Pyramid" by Alicja Odya

7) game "How many calories...?" by Natalia Śliwowska i Julia Lamorska

8) game "the Menu - calories matching" by Alicja Dziatko and Natalia Lewandowska

You can find the photos of the games in the attachments. Some more photos from the workshops are in the "Products" gallery.


game "Beat the Unhealthy Food"
game "Food Pyramid" and "Toxins"
game "The menu - calories matching"
"How many calories...?"
Memory 2

Task 1 -4

TASK 1 – Tuesday, March 21st (15-16.30)


  • In your international group plan three healthy snacks (that you can eat between breakfast and dinner or between dinner and supper)
  • The snacks should be

1 – made of fruit or vegetables (shake, salad)

2 - sweet (e.g. dessert)

3 – dry (e.g. sandwich, salad)

(the form of each snack is free)

  • Give your snack a name in English, German, Finnish, Polish)
  • Write a recipe for your snacks
  • Calculate caloric value of one serving
  • Estimate the cost and make a shopping list (total cost of your shopping mustn’t exceed 100PLN!!!)
  • Have in mind that you will have to prepare 10 servings of one of your snacks to be taken away for the film night (on Friday)


TASK 2 – Thursday, March 23rd  (10.00 – 11.00)

  • Develop the plan:
  • meal description (you might include remarks about national, traditional taste)
  • ingredients
  • preparation directions
  • images
  • use of kitchen utensils



TASK 3 – Friday, March24th (9.30 -11.00)

  • Do the shopping according to your shopping list



TASK 4 – Friday, March 23rd (14 – 16.00)

  • Prepare your snacks:

Every snack should be prepared for the Jury and for every member of you group to taste.

+ 10 servings of a chosen snack to take away for the film night.

The truth about fast food - watching a movie

During art workshops students were watching a movie about unhealthy food. For many of us it was a threatening lesson. The film was full of interesting information about what fast food really involves. We hope that after watching the movie, it will be much less tempting for the students to visit fast food restaurants :)