ENA1C 2019

Exam Review


The myths:
Pyramus and Thisbe

Modern ones:
The Courtship of Mr. Lyon
Desirée’s baby
Pygmalion (the play)

The presentations:
Perseus (Clash of the Titans)
Odyssey (Back to Blandon; Penelopiad)
Narcissus (Picture of Dorian Gray)

Grammar p 6-58

  • Present tense: I eat
  • Past simple tense: I ate
  • Future simple: I will eat
  • Present perfect: I have eaten
  • Past perfect: I had eaten
  • Future perfect: I will have eaten (Bonus)
  • Present Continuous (progressive): I am eating
  • Past Continuous: I was eating
  • Future Continuous: I will be eating
  • Conditional (ehtolause: if)
  • Future: I will be glad if I see her again
  • First conditional: I would be glad if I saw her again
  • Second conditional: I would have been glad if I had seen her here.
  • Question tags
  • Questions
  • Negative questions
  • Imperative
  • Be, have and do


Presentations ENA1C

Each group will examine one more modern cultural story/play and the Greek myth it is based in. You will

· present the myth to the class

· explain what other stories it has influenced

· bring to life the pertinent aspects of both the modern cultural story and the myth

· analyze the message of the myth (character, theme,setting ...)

· analyze the message of the newer story

· evaluate why the more modern creator has

a. chosen to tell a story using the ancient myth

b. made changes to the story/characters/message


The presentations should

· use creative elements to make it more engaging and lively, such as acting or dramatic readings

· be 8-10 minutes in length

· include all group members approximately equally

· be well-rehearsed in terms of language and structure

· display positive cooperation among group members

1. Odyssey and excerpt from Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad p. 23-38 and 81-92 about Penelope and Odysseus's relationship

My Marriage

Waiting , p. 10, 11

Tuomas, Alexander, Saku

2. The Odyssey, "Back to Blandon.pdf​" by Michael Jeffrey Lee about returning home;
Selina, Lia, Petteri Marlo

3. Narcissus in hamilton Narcissus.pdf andFry Narcissus.pdf, and excerpts from A Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde (p. 2-19, p. 97-101, 195-198 in the Free eBooks at Planet eBook.com edition).

Nuutti, Dimi, Julius

4. Classic: Perseus and Andromeda p. 1-7 
Modern:https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0800320/ Clash of the Titans

Erika, Louise, Tara, Ella

Schedule ENA1C

Monday 14.30 Room 14
Thursday: 9.35 Room 15
Friday: 9.35 Room 14

9.8 Friday: Intro to mythology, explain vocabulary quizzes, Grammar, show ppt on myths, explain SAT and Cambridge but not in detail, go over book list but not explain the rest of the courses
Give Psyche handout
homework: read first 10 pages

12.8 Monday: Explain the rest of the courses, intro to debate (explain briefly the structure with THW ban smoking, show some pictures), do flashcards to prepare for vocabulary quiz
15.8 Thursday: Do little speeches (persuasive). Watch THW ban smoking: first prop and first opp
16.8 Friday: (Meeting with Principal in the auditorium for 25 minutes) Vocabulary quiz Level D, unit 1; Grammar p. 6-16

19.8 Monday:  Go over Psyche (quiz), start reading the Courtship of Mr. Lyon
22.8 Thursday: Vocabulary quiz unit 2.  Go over the Courtship of Mr Lyon and compare and contrast it with Psyche, hand out the questionnaire on the courtship and the compare and contrast paper, grammar, p. 17-26, Hand out the story on Pyramus and Thisbe
23.8 Friday: DIVINE SERVICE (No class) 

26.8 Monday: Pyramus and Thisbe, Desirée's baby
29.8 Thursday: Discuss the two stories, compare and contrast.Go over handouts 
30.8 Friday:: (Handout Ella and Tara 5; Saku and Selina 6; Tuomas adn Nuutti 7
Vocabulary quiz unit 3, grammar p. 27-33 For next time do ex. 20 p. 32 and ex 22, q.9-16 and Takeaway 10

2.9 Monday: Pygmalion quiz. Handout Pygmalion by Hamilton, Watch first 15 min of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady: Ascot 
5.9 Thursday: conclude the two with the handout and discussion, watch more pygmalion until minute 1.08 and mention the projects
6.9 Friday: watch a little more of the play (to the end) Vocabulary quiz unit 4, grammar p. 
check:  ex. 20 p. 32 and ex 22 (p. 33), q.9-16 and Takeaway 10 (p. 33)
In class p. 34, ex. 23, Announce presentations( not give out handouts yet)

9.9 Monday: Prepare presentations
12.9 Thursday: Vocabulary quiz unit 5, grammar p. 35 ex 11 (takeaway) and forward

Grammar ex 27, p. 40 (did in class); ex.30 p. 43; ex. 33, p. 45; ex 35, p. 48; ex 36, p. 50
13.9 Friday:: Prepare presentations (No class)

16.9 Monday: No class (teacher is sick)
19.9 Thursday: Presentations :Tuomas, Saku, Alexander Ena 1 presentation.pdf
Selina, Marlo, Lia and Petteri

20.9 Friday: Tara, Ella, Erika  Exam review, make-up quizzes


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