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Otsola is part of Finland’s adult education centres network, which operates in every municipality of the country. Finnish adult education centers are educational establishments, which welcome all prospective learners and offer opportunities in a wide variety of recreational activities and subjects. Learning is largely self-motivated and mostly not aimed at achieving formal qualifications.

Course offerings and target groups vary among centres, and each centre is responsible for designing its own curriculum to ensure that it reflects the demand in its own local area. Tuition is offered in a wide variety of subjects, including languages, computers and information technology, arts and crafts, music, dances, sports, cooking and wellness. Occasionally the centres also often organise lectures on cultural topics as well as on current social and political issues.

Finnish Adult education centres are open to everyone, regardless of age or educational background. Every year more than one in ten Finns attends an adult education centre. Course fees remain highly reasonable, as they are subsidised by the central government and some of the local authorities.

There are a total of 175 adult education centres in Finland, operating across the length and breadth of the country. Courses are often provided at a number of venues throughout the local authority's area, including at schools during after-school hours. It is not uncommon for larger towns and cities to have two or more centres.

Founded in 1945, Otsola Adult Education Center operates in the city of Pori as well as in the rural communities of Eurajoki and Nakkila on the western coast of Finland. Otsola’s beautiful and convenient main building is situated in the center of Pori. Centre’s activities cover the whole territory of Pori, Eurajoki ja Nakkila. Its program, which consists of 400-500 groups, courses and lectures each semester, is published twice a year and distributed to every household in the area. Every year around 5000 different people participate in activities offered by the Otsola Adult Education Center.

Otsola finances its operations with subsidies from the central government and, to much lesser extent, from the local authorities of Eurajoki and Nakkila, together with very reasonable student fees as well as from minor income from outdoor advertising.

Otsola has a small administrative staff consisting of five persons. More than 130 freelance teachers for various subjects are under contract every semester. Some teachers work practically full-time in Otsola.

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