Kirkonkylä Primary School

Kirkonkylä Primary School

Our school was founded at the turn of the decades 1940-50 and it consists of the grades 1-6. The principal of the school is Mrs. Taina Ahonen. There are 237 pupils in “Kirkkis” (the nickname of the school) together with fourteen teachers and three class assistants. Two teachers are specialized in the pupils with special educational needs (SEN), one teacher is a subject teacher for English and the rest are class teachers. We also have a school nurse, and a cook in the school canteen, where the pupils get a free lunch every day. The services of a school psychologist and a school social worker are also available.

About the teaching subjects....

We have eleven classes in the grades 1 to 6 which are mainly taught by the class teacher. It means that each class has its own class teacher who teaches most of the lessons. The theoretical teaching subjects are mother tongue, mathematics, natural and environmental studies, religion/ethics, English and history. The practical subjects are music, visual arts, craft and physical education. Some subjects, such as English or some practical subjects can also be taught by subject teachers or class teachers who are specialized in the subject.

Anti-bullying team

Our basic – and most important mission – is to see each pupil as an individual and secure him/her the best possible education, human growth and well-being in our society. Our aim is to raise responsible, open-minded, balanced and respectful individuals. We have for example a special anti-bullying team to fight against school bullying in every form. The team consists of the head of our school and three teachers.

Kirkkis is going international

To face the global demands around us and to make the every day life more international Kirkonkylä Primary School is participating in the Erasmus+ -programme especially in the form of eTwinning and JobShadowing. We are open to all kinds of ways to increase international co-operation with other European schools. Please feel free to contact us in case you are interested in working with us.

Parents'/pupils' participation

Participation of the pupils in the school work and organisation is secured through the pupils’ association, which arranges different kind of events for the whole school and actively takes part in school development. Co-operation with pupils’ homes is an important part of our school’s work as well. This co-operation includes parent-teacher meetings, class committees and private consultations. The parents can also participate in school development through the parents’ association.

Special educational needs: integration or totally inclusive education right from the beginning

Our school – like all the Finnish schools – also provides support to help pupils complete the school syllabus. This is what the Finnish school system is famous for! In its easiest form it is support provided by the class or subject teacher. When it comes to pupils with special educational needs (SEN), we have SEN-teachers whose aim is to help the pupils with various learning disabilities. The pupils can follow the normal instruction in the class but get special support in some subjects by the SEN-teacher. As the Finnish school system is gradually being restructured so that all students learn equally together, we normally offer totally inclusive education in a form of an inclusive class, where pupils with learning disabilities learn together with non-disabled students.

Do you want to know more?

The address of the school is:

Kirkonkylä Primary School
Koulutie 3
04600 Mäntsälä

The principal:
Mrs. Taina Ahonen:+358 40 314 5320

School secretary: +358 40 314 5341

+358 40 314 5342