Erasmus+ - Human Rights Education

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Human Rights Education - stand up for your rights

The objectif of the project is to raise the awarness of human rights among all participants and stake holders (students, parents, teachers, head teachers, school staff and educational authorities in the municipalities) and to encourage to defend and to promote to put the rights into a practice (at school, municipality, national and EU level). The aim is especially to promote equal rights and opportunities to all students at school and in municipality, via inclusion, in everyday life. The participating students are trained to be active human rights ambassadors and they train the active members of the student board association and tutors who can share the project results and develop new practises and activities at school.

Participating schools:
ISS Tartaglia Olivieri (Brescia, Italy)
Kallaveden lukio (Kuopio, Finland)

Lycée des Métiers du Tourisme Cordouan (Royan, France)