Editorial staff

Editorial staff


The authors are researchers and teachers from the Finnish Institute for Educational Research, the Faculty of Education and Psychology, and the Open University, University of Jyväskylä.

Editorial board:

Tarja Ladonlahti, Open University
Johanna Terävä, Faculty of Education
Päivi Torvelainen, Department of Teacher Education
Piia Astikainen, Department of Psychology
Kirsi Häkämies (coordination), Finnish Institute for Educational


Anna-Maija Tuuliainen (Finnish Institute for Educational Research), Päivi Torvelainen (Department of Teacher Education) 
Anna Kaikkonen and Kirsi Nikulainen (Open University)

Layout and images (unless indicated otherwise): Martti Minkkinen (Finnish Institute for Educational Research)
Platform and tecnical design:
Peda.net, Pyry Lahti
Updates and distribution:
Kirsi Häkämies (Finnish Institute for Educational Research)

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