1. Description of the project

General information about the project

General information

The aim of the project for schools from Finland, Spain, Italy and Poland is to learn new teaching methods, use them in practice, compare and assess them. We get to know each other´s curricula and school systems to improve our own schools. We are going to re-think our teaching from a new perspective.

Students will acquire an active role in their learning and get better life skills, which will make them fit for life in a more globalised world. Teachers and students will be connected virtually, as well as by taking part in meetings. We are going to share our experiences in etwinning and in our schools´ homepages.

The partners met first time in Oulu in November 2016, where we worked on teambuilding and Do It Yourself Lab philosophy to try them out in our teaching.

Students learn to be more responsible of their own learning. We are working to give our students better skills for their life once they leave school. We will encourage social skills and help students to work and assess together. We expect they will improve their digital competence during the project.They will get better competence in using ICT- tools and also practice their social skills. They will learn self-assessment, peer to peer learning and working in different kind of groups. They will be more experienced in learning English both linguistically and communicatively. Because our aim is also to improve teachers´ teaching skills, we are working for it. We will get experiences by using different kinds of methods and, in the future, we will be able to choose the ones we find suitable for our work. Hence, we will be better teachers, while students will be better learners.

During every meeting, students and teachers will together assess the teaching methods we used. We will familiarise with the host school and its curricula. We will be introduced new methods to be used between the meetings. We planned to have skype meeting once a month to be sure that everyone is really doing something for the project and to discuss about our experiences together.

In spring 2017: a meeting in Bielsko-Biela, Poland
In autumn 2017: a meeting in Corsico, Italy.
In spring 2018: a meeting in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Catalonia, Spain.
In autumn 2018: final meeting in Finland to assess the project as a whole.

Senior high school of Oulu University Teacher Training School is coordinating the project.
Our partners are:
I.I.S. "Falcone-Righi", Corsico, Italy, http://iisfalcone-righi.gov.it
INS Montserrat Colomer, Sant Esteve Sesrovines, Catalonia, http://agora,xtec.cat/insmontserratcolomer/

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