branches of agriculture

There exist four main branches of agriculture, namely;
  • Livestock production
  • Crop production
  • agricultural economics
  • agricultural engineering.
a) Livestock production
a)nomadic pastralism..this is the keeping of cattle,while moving from one region in search of pasture and clean water.
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b)poultry farming; the rearing of poultry such us chicken,goose, turkey,duck, pigeon etc
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c)pig farming;rearing of pigs
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d)apiculture(bee keeping)
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e)aquaculture(fish farming)
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b)Crop production

What is crop production?

Crop production (Arable farming) includes growing of the following.

Field crop include:

Annual crops like cereals and pulses e.g garden peas

Perennial crops like coffee, tea, sugarcane

Field crops

Growing of tea and sugarcane among others

Horticultural crops entails (i) Pomology, (ii) Olericulture, (ii) Floriculture


Pomology is growing of fruits


Olericulture is the growing of vegetables such as French beans, Cabbages and Tomatoes.


Floriculture is the growing of flowers such as Tuberose,Roses and Carnations. Among other crops

c) Farm tools and machinery

Agriculture engineering is a branch of agriculture that deals with use and maintenance of farm tools, machinery and structures.

d) Marketing agricultural produce

Agriculture economics is a branch of agriculture which deals with the utilization of scarce resources. It aims at maximizing output while minimizing costs