Do this in advance!

Pleace, prepare one idea about SciFest workshop. Workshops are about studying a science related phenomena.
  • What is the phenomena studyed in the workshop?
  • What do we need for the demonstration?
  • What is the pedagogy behind this study idea?
  • What makes this facinating for the student?
Plece, bring an idea that you are already familiar with. Maby something that you have already used in your class. - It's probably new to rest of us!

We will collect the ideas, maby re-design and enrich them with our shared experience and then implement some of them together at SciFest science festival!

As the SciFest area for our group is an emthy 3 x 3 m block with 2-3 white walls I also ask you to pleace, bring a flag ribbon or few of them from your country. It's totally ok to make them by yourselves, or maby your class (or friends and relatives) may help you to draw and colour one from paper!

Return your pre-task here

Please, return your pre-task by answering these questions.

A short overwiew over your idea about the SciFest workshop

How long does the workshop take for one student?

How many students can work on the idea at the same time?

Is there some special items or things ect. needed for the workshop?
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