ENA5 toinen ryhmä


Instructions: Choose 1-2 exercises under each theme (10 at the very least!!) and write short texts (4-10 sentences) of each but choose at least two under the theme of culture. They can be longer if you want to. Write them on your peda.net page or as agreed with the teacher. Include a word list of new/theme-based words after your exercises. The word list doesn't need to be long.

A. Culture
1. Your definition of culture
2. Tell about cultural differences between Finns and a culture of your own choice.
3. Describe your experiences of cross-cultural communication. (What kind of cultural differences did you notice? Did the situation arouse any cultural problems or misunderstandings?) You can discuss in the discussion forum.
4. Cultural blunders you have made/heard from your friends

B. Film
1. Choose a film review in English and write a short summary in Finnish (90-100 words). Equals two exercises.
2. Your favourite film/TV series
3. A film/TV series you can't stand
4. Do we need reality series/talk shows?
5. Superficial lifestyles in TV series

C. Visual arts
1. Find a photo (your own photo, or eg in a newspaper article or depicting nature), or a painting, a work of art etc. and write a caption to go with the picture. If it is a work of art, include a short review. Attach the picture with your text.
2. Translate a cartoon (eg. Peanuts, Donald Duck, Baby Blues) into Finnish. You can do this assignment on a separate paper or Word/PowerPoint file and attach it on your page.
3. Write a cartoon of your own and present it in the class.
4. Draw/Paint a picture and post it on the classroom wall together with a short review on your work of art.

D. Literature
1. Your favourite book/genre of literature
2. A book that everybody should read
3. Your favourite fictional/cartoon character
4. Choose 10 Finnish idioms (for example, selvää pässinlihaa, olla matti kukkarossa, viherpiipertäjä, viherpeukalo, mennä päin seiniä jne..) and find a translation for them in English. Can you find an equivalent in English? How do they differ from the Finnish version? Gives you food for thought!
5. Write a children's story/a short story of your own/a poem (and read it in the last lesson). A longer story equals two to three shorter ones.

E. Music
1. Your favourite music/genre/singer/music group. Include a link to a You tube video, for example.
2. Why does heavy metal appeal to many young Finnish people?
3. The instrument you play

F. Miscellaneous
1. Find some biographical information about an artist/a political figure/an athlete/any celebrity and then write some facts or trivia about him/her.
2. Write a short thank you speech of a winner of Nobel Peace Prize/an Oscar award (and deliver it). Examples to watch:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmqF9Y2Yq1U (Malala Yousefzai)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4P0smMYhLsg (Reese Witherspoon)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLKDfyFjQtc (Denzel Washington)

3. Your sources of inspiration.
4. Photography as a hobby
5. An achievement you're very proud of
6. Translate your favourite food recipe
7. Find a translation for the Finnish foods piimä, viili and rahka and find examples where they are used.
8. Make up your own topic: the stage is yours!

G. Oral tasks to be performed on your own, in pairs or in small groups in the last lesson/last 2 lessons on an Open Stage. Here are some suggestions or you can choose one that you want to present/perform from the list above (A-F). You can also present the book that you have read during the course:
1. Interview a singer/a filmstar/ an athlete etc.
2. Deliver a thank you speech/acceptance speech of the winner of an award (of a competition of your choice)
3a. Find the transcript of a famous speech by any famous person: eg Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton... and read it out loud imitating the speaker in tone, intonation and pronunciation. Alla linkki sivustoon, josta löytää mm. 100 kuuluisinta amerikk. puhetta. Tai googlaa 'famous speeches'.
3b. Find a recent speech of a politician, a cultural figure, an athlete or anybody you like (you'll find them by watching news, sports news, in magazine, newspaper, twitter, facebook) and write the transcript and deliver it.
4. Act out a scene from a book/film/children's story
5. Imitate a (TV) character
6. Sing a song
7. Read a poem (your own or someone else's)
8. Rewrite a short film dialogue and act it out speaking on top of the dialogue while showing the scene mute at the same time eg on a You Tube video: a fun pair work. Alternatively: translate into English a short dialogue/passage in an Finnish book and present it in the class. Or read your favourite passage from an English book.
9. Something else? Be creative!

During the course:
(Read what at least 2 students in the group have written and comment their exercises on the discussion forum. Remember that your comments have to be constructive!)

Besides the exercises in the study books and Grammar Rules, you are to find 1-2 exercises on each grammar section on the net and check them yourselves. There are links to grammar exercises on my pages. I will show you where to find them. Write on your page which exercises you did. and whether you found them useful and recommendable.

A book review of 300-500 words, with personal response. See instructions on pages 128-129. Include a list of new theme-based vocabulary that you have learnt and used in your review.

A film review to be presented orally in small groups. See instructions on a separate peda.net page. Also, collect a list of new words to your presentation. Remember your dates of presentation!