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India in English

Englanti on yksi Intian pääkielistä. Mitä tiivistelmässä kerrotaan?
India is a country in South Asia. It is the sevent-largest country in the world. There are over 1,2 billion people living in India.
India covers over 3 000 000 sq km. It extends from the Himalayas (the world's highest mountains) to the ocean. India is surrounded on three sides by water: Arabian  Sea in the west, the Indian Ocean in the south and the Bay of Bengal in the east.
The big rivers, as Ganges, start in the high mountains and carry rich soil to the fields.
The climate is called as monsoon. Winds determine the climate. The winter monsoon goes across the land to the sea, and the winter is dry. The summer (south-west) monsoon  comes from the sea and blows across the land.  This monsoon brings heavy rainfalls.
The national symbols are:
  • flag: tricolour
  • fruit: mango
  • bird: peafowl
  • land animal: tiger
  • aquatic animal: river dolphin


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