Teachers for the VALA Career Guidance and Social Juustice summer course



Torild Schulstok

Torild Schulstok is assistant professor at Inland the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. She was one of the founders of the career guidance program at her University, and has been an active partner in Nordic and international networks on career guidance and counselling. She is currently appointed as expert partner in the ongoing development of a national quality framework for career guidance in Norway.

Tristram Hooley

Tristram Hooley is Professor II at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. He is a writer and researcher specialising in career and career guidance. He has published six books and numerous articles and reports. He is has worked on five continents and has a particular interest in how ideas about career and career guidance travel across the world. In recent years he has worked closely with Professor Rie Thomsen and Professor Ronald Sultana in exploring the relationship between social justice and career guidance. He is currently editing a book looking at career and career guidance in the Nordic countries.

Ingrid B. Bakke

Ingrid B. Bakke is assistent professor and ph.d candidate at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. 


Rie Thomsen

Rie Thomsen is Professor of Career Guidance at Aarhus University. She is the scientific coordinator of the university’s Guidance Research unit. Her research revolves around lifelong career guidance practices and policies with a special interest in the role of communities and in organisational, leadership and social justice aspects of career guidance provision.

Bo K. Poulsen

Bo Klindt Poulsen is an associate professor (and from autumn 2019 also PhD) in career guidance at VIA University College, Denmark. His research has focused on professional development of career guidance practitioners and career advisors with a special focus on career learning, liberal education and social justice.


Jaana Kettunen,

Jaana Kettunen, PhD, is Vice-director and Research coordiantor at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research of the University of Jyväskylä, Finland.




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