Invitation to WOW-Day 2017-2018


Invitation to WOW-Day 2018

“Take courage – take part!”


Dear colleagues,

Dear WOW-Day coordinator,

Dear elected student representatives,


This year’s WOW-Day will take place from September 29th to November 29th 2018. We would like to invite you to join in with your campaign!

“Take courage – take part!” is this year’s theme. The world with its global interactions offers diverse challenges. Many students can’t wait to set about making a change in our fascinating world. We believe education is the best way to make a sustainable impact on our world, step by step. Each child should have the possibility to attend school. That’s what we stand up for with WOW-Day. We pass 100 percent of the proceeds of the fundraising campaigns on to Waldorf and social initiatives throughout the world, which give children a warmhearted place to learn and to grow up in, regardless of the oftentimes harsh circumstances they live in.

Take courage – take part!

There are numerous possibilities to organize the WOW-Day. You can devise new ideas on how to collect funds for Waldorf and social organizations throughout the world in a team of students, teachers, and parents.

Wow your audience with a circus performance, be a harvest helper at a farm, or go to your limits by running a charity marathon. You can organize big or small fund-raising campaigns, for young or old. Or something offbeat? Anything goes. The main thing is, you have fun committing yourself to what you are doing for one day. A collection of colorful ideas to shape your WOW-Day can be found here.


Thank you for giving us a quick note when planning a WOW-Day campaign. This is the only way we can make the worldwide commitment visible to connect people on all continents. Click here for the online registration form.

Further Information

you can find on the WOW-Day Website: plus further information:

I'm looking forward to many colorful WOW-Day actions. If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to contact me. We send our warmest springtime greetings

Jana-Nita Raker


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