Welcome to EN8

EN8 Oral Skills is a course designed to concentrate on spoken language and oral communication in English. The main goals of this course are to:
  • give you the basics of spoken English
  • make you a better speaker
  • make you a better listener
  • help you discover your strengths and areas that need more work
  • give you more confidence and get rid of (or ease) inhibitions
This is a preliminary course schedule. Click here and read what this course is about!

On this page you'll find information about this course and some useful links to help you practise your pronunciation and communication at home - just follow the links and try it out for yourself!

You can find information on the course requirements by viewing these slides.


Finally, here is the link to your self-evaluation form: SELF-EVALUATION

Homework for Wednesday: go to Freerice.com and play the language game. Gather 250 grains(1point) or 500 grains (2 points) and remember to take a screenshot and bring it to class on Wednesday!

Finland’s centenary of independence!

Find an interesting article on Finland in foreign media and in English and post the link here. Also, think of a question based on that article for group discussion and write it after you link. We will discuss these questions in class on Thursday so I would be a good idea to check what articles others have posted. If someone has chosen the same article as you and posted it already, look for another one.

IMPORTANT: https://i.redd.it/lq539uu2t6201.jpg

Why would a mountaintop be a good present for Finland? 

 Are u also extremely offended by box's SEXIST name?

 Do Finland have good relations with other countries?
 What is the main difficulty in building the Western Metro?
 Finnish supermarkets start selling bread made of insects – with one loaf containing 70 dried crickets. Why?
 What is unique about Finland?
 Why were the illuminated flags hoisted?

Course expectations

The first step in starting to analyse yourself as an English speaker is to start thinking about what your streghts are and what areas might still need some work. Fill in the form online here: Course Expectations.

Then, share your expectations online with others on the course Padlet wall by following this link and thanks to anonymity you can share ideas quite freely. Write about what you are hoping to walk away with when the course is over, how you'd like to work, what are you hoping for in terms of class activities and so on.