vENA8 - oral skills and matriculation examination

Book: ProFiles 8 /SanomaPro

This course concentrates on oral skills: the idea is to be able to converse and also write about certain issues in a correct way. The themes of the texts are e.g. politeness, health, abstract like honesty, working life, mystery and imagination.
There are theme glossaries at the end of the book and there will be word tests and written assignments based on these glossaries.

Grammar points: phrasal verbs, indirect speech, articles, tenses and other verb forms.

We are also to focus on the all-important matriculation examination: practise reading and listening comprehension and the different parts of the exam.

There will be a preliminary exam during the exam week, but also an oral test that is done during the course.

Evaluation: preliminary exam 50%
oral test 25 %
word tests and written assignments 25%

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