ENA 7 - Going green

Course book Profiles 7

The themes of the course are e.g. our environment and its problems, sustainable development and indigenous peoples.

Grammar points:
singular and plural nouns
words of quantity
expressing possession
relative pronouns
indefinite pronouns
word order
indirect speech
it and there
punctuation and capital initials
conditional clauses
passive voice
modal auxiliary verbs - i.e. everything you ever wanted to know about English grammar!

We are to concentrate on matriculation examination, pages 149 - 168 are there for practising!

Naturally, we are to write a lot:
an argumentative essay page 21 (150-200 words), deadline 14th December 2016
a blog entry page 41ex 3H or 56 ex 5C or 76 ex 6L ( only the blog alternative) , deadline 12th January 2017. Max 170 words.
a description
page 94 OR page 84 exercise 7I the upper part , deadline 1st February.
(150 - 300 words)
One of these essays will be written during the lessons. The others must be handed in by the given date but they will not be graded. The reason for this will be explained to you during the first lesson.

Evaluation: preliminary exam 50 %
word tests 50 %

Why you shouldn't work at full capacity