ENA07 - Going green

Oppikirja Insights 7/Otava

The themes of the course are e.g. our environment and its problems, sustainable development , wildlife, indigenous peoples and energy.

Grammar points:
conjuctions and other linking words
punctuation (comma) and capital letters
auxiliary verbs (be, do, have, shall, will, should, would) - special cases
prepositional phrases

We are to concentrate on matriculation examination (pages 118 - 127), especially the essay.
Lots of listening comprehension practice but also group work and peer evaluation.

Naturally, we are to write a lot: narrative, description, speech, article, a report, advert... Some of the assignments will be evaluated, some not. You will, however, learn writing by writing a lot, and support one another while doing it.

Evaluation: preliminary exam 50 %
word tests 50 % and essays

Why you shouldn't work at full capacity