Finally! ENA06 is the last compulsory English course, giving you (almost) all the info you need for and after graduating.
The themes are study, work and economics, these all-important parts of life you need to master now and in the future.
Each theme consists of three texts, and we are to work on at least four texts and the glossaries. Some of the texts will be dealt individually at your on pace.
You are also to create a company/business of your own with a partner or in a group and present a promotional speech in class for recruiting employees.

The writing assignments: 1) A personal statement pages 122-123, 200-300 words (to be first evaluated by a fellow student)
2) A resume/ a video CV, pages 120 - 122, as part of a job interview for the jobs advertised on pages 50-51
3) A composition of 150 - 250 words, pages 126-127

Grammar: adjectives and adverbs
reported speech
shortened clauses

There will be a short exam after every grammar point.

Evaluation: The course exam (with some grammar points included) 40 %
writing assignments and word tests 40 %
grammar exams and the speech 20%

Consumerism - exercises

Vastaa kysymyksiin tekstin perusteella lyhyesti.

1. Miksi tekstissä mainitaan petrimalja?

2. Mitä Warren Hearnin mukaan tapahtuu vuonna 2025?

3. Mikä muutos kulutuksessa tapahtui William Reesin mukaan toisen maailmansodan jälkeen?

4. Mikä on EFA ja miten se toimii?

5. Miten mainontaa voitaisiin käyttää vähentämään kulutusta?