ENA03 - culture and you

Course book: Insights 3/Otava

This course is mainly about culture in its various forms, but also about you expressing yourself and experiencing music, literature, film, visual arts etc.

You are to create a portfolio, which includes your written works of art plus an extra essay.
The deadline of the portfolio is the week before the exam week.
Create the required assignments and add them into your own portfolio. You will be given some evaluation and, naturally, your grade.

This course has ONLY three grammar points:
nouns (substantiivit)
possessive structures (genetiivi)
and there will be tests on the them during the course.

There will also be an electric exam during the exam week, consisting of reading comprehension, written assignment and listening comprehension.

evaluation: portfolio + wordtests 50 %
course exam+ the grammar tests 50 %

Cultural links