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ENA02 - home and away

The themes of this course are e.g. travelling, well-being, active life, the internet, managing everyday life and Australia.

During the course you will have an oral presentation - this will be done using ICT techniques but also paying attention to
You can do this on your own or with a partner (both of you have to talk for at least 2-3 minutes each)

digital storytelling

Grammar: personal , possessive and reflexive pronouns (I, me, my,mine, myself...)

formal subject ( it is nice to see you ; there are people there...)

THE PASSIVE VOICE (this newspaper wasn´t read yesterday)

word order ( You must do this course very well at school during this period.)

prepositions of time and place (in the morning, at six o'clock, on the wall...)

Writing: 1) a blog text exercise 4f OR a reply to a mother exercise 5g (120 -200 words --> )

2) two tweets, exercise 8i deadline

(and an extra assignment: exercise 1j --> deadline)

word tests, listening comprehension, oral exercises...

evaluation: course exam 50 %
word tests and essays 40 %
listening comprehension 10 %