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Kaksikieliseen opetukseen hakeminen / How to apply for the bilingual classes

Kaksikielisen opetuksen seitsemännelle luokalle on lokakuussa 2020. Hakeminen tapahtuu sähköisesti (kts. linkki alempana).
Hakijat kutsutaan pääsykokeeseen.

Pääsykoe pidetään Porin suomalaisen yhteislyseon koululla. Sisään pääsee koulun sisäpihalta E2-ovista. E2-ovien jälkeen on aulatila, josta oppilaat haetaan. Pääsykoe sisältää kirjallisen osion ja haastattelun, ja kestää noin tunnin.

Muulloin englanninkielisille luokille pyrkivät voivat olla yhteydessä koulun rehtoriin (Kimmo Salokangas, 044-7015321) pääsykokeen järjestämistä varten.

The next application period will be in October 2020. Application forms need to be filled online (see link below).

If you want to participate in the entrance exams at other time of the year, please contact our principal, Kimmo Salokangas, 044-7015321.

Please come in from E2 doors and wait in the lobby.

Online application form

English classes in PSYL

Porin suomalainen yhteislyseo (PSYL) school is a secondary school situated in the centre of the town of Pori in Finland. It is a free public school which follows the Finnish national curriculum (2014). The school was founded in 1926. There are 330 pupils in grades 7 - 9 (13-16 years of age). The school has a line of classes specializing in music, a line of classes specializing in art, as well as a line of bilingual classes. In the bilingual classes subjects are taught both in English and Finnish.

Our school emphasizes different kinds of skills, activities and arts. We want to help young people develop into active, independent citizens capable of working cooperatively. As a rule there are less than 25 pupils in a class. Core subjects are maths, science, biology, geography, history, religion, health education, Finnish language and literature, English and Swedish. In addition, students can elect to study French, German or Spanish, for example. Students study also physical education, home economics, craft, and textile studies.

The English Classes at PSYL are a continuation of the English language education track begun at Cygnaeus Primary School .


    • youth born outside of Finland who are now residing in the greater Pori area on a temporary or permanent basis
    • Finnish youth who have lived outside of Finland for any length of time
    • children of families who know that they will reside outside of Finland for some length of time in the future
    • youth who demonstrate English language skills adequate enough to receive all of their instruction in English

In the English Classes the content and topics of school subjects are studied in
both English and in Finnish. Effort is made in lippu1.jpgteaching to initially take into account the language skills of pupils at the outset of the study of a particular subject, after which pupils are guided to using the foreign language as a medium for learning the subject. English is used in teaching core subject topics when appropriate and the scope of the subject is covered. The goal is that a minimum of 25% of the lessons are in English. In accordance with the curriculum the core concepts of all subjects are taught in both the school's main language of study and in English. More details on the proportion of English in various subjects can be found by selecting the
"Subjects" tab.

The English Class line functions under the auspices of Porin suomalainen yhteislyseo (PSYL) School and follows the school's curriculum. Instruction in this line is meant for Finnish pupils who wish to expand their English language skills, for ex-pat pupils returning to live in the Pori area, as well as pupils living in Finland on a temporary basis. No test is required for pupils transferring directly from Cygnaeus School's English Classes. The objective of teaching in bilingual classes is that the student feels contented learning in English. It is hoped that s/he will develop the desire, courage and skill to use his or her English language skills. The pupil will understand English as a natural part of life and will actively strive to learn the language. The pupil will learn about foreign cultures and copes with appropriate messaging situations in the classroom in a foreign language.

As in the PSYL curriculum, one of the most important goals is a good basic education, which also guarantees the students in the English Classes a post-graduate degree in Finnish-language schools. Bilingual instruction is given in English and Finnish. A key objective is the robust language skills for the pupils. At least 25% of the instruction is given in English.

For Whom:

  • pupils transferring from Cygnaeus School English Classes (no admission test)
  • pupils who wish to further develop their English language skills transferring from other primary schools
  • pupils living in Finland on a temporary basis
  • ex-pat pupils with English language skillsopetus1.jpg


  • directly from Cygnaeus English Classes
  • from normal Finnish classes after passing an admission test
  • ex-pat pupils after passing an admission text

Application and Admission Tests

  • Application forms to English class need to be filled online (see links below).
  • The application period is October 2020
  • The admission tests will be administered in February. 
  • A maximum of 25 pupils will be taken into the class.
  • Parts of the Admission Test: a Finnish language test, mathematics test, English test, English instruction comprehension test (A topic will be taught in mathematics or another subject using English. Questions will be posted relating to the topic that was taught that need to be answered in English/Finnish.)
  • Determination of Points: maximum score of 36 pts. 
1. English grammary test 6 pts.
2. English oral test/interview 6 pts.
3. English reading comprehension test 6 pts.
4. English listening comprehension 6 pts.
4. Mathematics test 6 pts.
5. Finnish language test 6 pts.

  • A minimum of 18 points is required for admission to the Bilingual Class.
  • In the event of tying scores, ranking is determined by the points accrued in the order of the tests listed above


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Online application form