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Our school

Nuoliala School is a comprehensive school consisting of grades 1-6, preschool and special education classes. Currently we have about 630 pupils and 70 staff members in our school. The school is located in Pirkkala, which is a neighbouring town to Tampere, the largest inland city in Finland.

Nuoliala School was founded as early as 1903. The school is surrounded by a housing area, a forest and fields. Lake Pyhäjärvi is just a few hundred meters away. There are several buildings in our school yard: some are over 100 years old, some parts have been built recently. In addition, a new main building is being designed at the moment, and will be constructed by 2018. At the moment, over half of our pupils attend school in a temporary school building, Rantakoulu (“Beach School”) located in a sports field near the lake shore. In near future our school will expand by having also grades 7-9.

The school year starts in the middle of August and ends in the beginning of June. School hours are between 8.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. depending on the age of the pupil. The pupils are entitled to a free lunch at school. The school organizes morning and after school care for the youngest pupils.

In the school year 2016-2017 we are involved in a sustainability project (Vihreä Lippu) as well as a sports project (Liikkuva koulu). We are also interested in expanding our co-operation with schools from different countries.