Artikkelit 18.1.

Vastaukset Artikkeli- ja Genetiivi-monisteeseen

Test 1

1. an expensive bottle of champagne
2. a yellow submarine
3. a useful tip
4. an unified front
5. an mD4
6. an iPod
7. an animated film
8. an unimaginable event
9. a one-stop road trip
10. an SUV

Test 2

1. the Alps
2. - Haiti
3. the Philippines
4. the Gobi (desert)
5. the Atlantic
6. the Lake Michigan
7. the South Pole
8. the east of England
9. the Volga
10. - New Zealand
11. - Malaga 
12. - southern Italy
13. - San Francisco
14. the Thames
15. the Mediterranean
16. the Suez Canal
17. the Equator
18. - Eton College
19. - sunny California

Test 3

1. the Lord of the Rings; the movies Jackson made; the books by J.R.R. Tolkien
2. divorce attorney; the person who can help you
3. a new car; the engine
4. - several times; the book that; completely different time
5. a/- MrSmith, an appointment
6. a Finn and a Lutheran
7. What a great place.
8. the present location; the previous one
9. notes; the former slide, the latter
10. the sooner, the better
11. the word was out; the press; the whole story
12. game of chess
13. to church

Possessive Structures

the owner of the newspaper
my friend's husband
the Republic of Ireland
Simon and John's plans
two days' break
women's magazines
students' organization
company's bankruptcy
James'(s) background
the car boot / the boot of the car
the beginning of the month
the education of the youth
a friend of mine
the English language
today's news / the news of the day

tomorrow's meeting
Bob and Susan's new home
the fate of the injured
a month's summer holiday
the summer of 1969
the backyard of the house
our neighbour's children
his family's destiny
the world's population
the kitchen door 
children's hobbies
my dad's two old aunts
the school staff / the school's staff
and old friend of ours
the Greek flag

the second floor of this building
Jack and Mary's wedding
yesterday's paper
my parents' divorce
the garage door
people's expectations
the Finnish team
the world's highest mountain
two weeks' holiday
my cousin's girlfriend
the government's decisions
Charles'(s) family
the many friends of my mother
the number of the unemployed
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